Thursday the 5th of July


Time to schedule another Thursday game!

I believe, somebody mentioned warhammer 40k last week…
Otherwise, I could run another 5e One shot… By the way, I posted something D&D related (about the Adventurers League)

pen&paper kind? if that exists, I would be very much interested

I should be able to make it!

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i might be able to make it, i actually plan on making it :smiley:

I would be interested for that.

Should be able to make it. See you on Thursday!

I’m planning on bringing my D&D stuff then, in case it is needed…

Also planning to come this week.

I will be there as well.

By the way @Dusan, at least two pen&paper version exists by my knowledge (a d20-based one and Inquisitor), but probably there are tons of variants around.

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I’ll be there too

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