Adventurers' League

So, there is this thing called the “Adventurers League” which is shared gaming. Essentially, it places some restrictions on the game, but in exchange allow you to make official characters that can be used in any other AL games…

Useful for people moving around, I suppose…

We are playing a lot of D&D5 these days and so I was wondering if it would be of interest to people to make our games official Adventurers League games?

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This should totally be done! :+1:

Would it motivate you and Katha to ambulate toward the Spielbar from time to time?


If so, it is as good as done


could be fun, but isn’t AL supposed to always host at least 4 tables (1 for each tier?) and pretty much restricted to the current main official campaign(s)?

Obviously i haven’t looked into AL very much yet :slight_smile:

Not as far as I know.

They tweaked the AL thing a bit over the years and relaxed their rules to make it more practical.
The only restriction I know regarding Tiers is that your character must be of the appropriate tier to play.
So, I am planning on starting with Tier 1 adventures if you have AL characters of level 6 and up, you will have to make up a new one (also, by AL rules, any character must start at level 1 and level the long way around…)

I would ve really interested into joining AL.
How about a meeting tomorrow 5th @spielbar to discuss the basics?

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i would have thought we just bring AL legal characters tomorrow :smiley:
though i have no idea how the “PHB + 1” book is supposed to work, is the +1 just any released book, but each character can only use 1 or is the +1 defined by the table you join (this sounds rather unworkable to me)?

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I am definitely going to bring D&D stuff tomorrow and we can discuss it for the people interested.

The PHB+1 is effectively PHB + any other book of the player 's choosing.

alright, if inspiration strikes me i’ll prepare an AL legal character :smiley:


Here are the official guidelines for AL play, including the rules for character creations.
I will also bring some AL legal pre-gen for those who want.
The rules allow for players to change just about everything about their character, so you could grab one of these and then rewrite it entirely if you are not satisfied…

DDAL_Players_Guide_v70.pdf (859.0 KB)

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I’d be interested to see how AL would turn out. I’ll see if I can make it tonight too.

if it’s alright i’ll bring 2 AL legal (at least i believe i behaved :smiley:) characters for you to check over and, choose whichever i’m going to play (if we play AL today) depending on what others want to play

I´d like to test AL out as well, but I can´t make it tonight. Maybe there will be more Adventure league in the future :slight_smile:

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There will be more D&D, for sure.
Unless people object to it being AL style, then, it should indeed be AL compatible

Sry - wont be able to make it. Have fun boys n girls

was a fun first try of doing AL, thanks for running it @Simon


Next time…

Thanks @Tersidian

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When is the next AL? :slight_smile:

It is probably going to be a Thursday game… which one I cannot say yet

btw i registered for a dci# … maybe i’ll get me a couple of AL legal adventures and run one every once in a while

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