Thursday Night open table game


As it was mentioned in a recent post, Thursday Games are back - and this is the first game after a long hiatus!

When: 17.9.2020, 19:30
Where: if the weather is nice and warm, we meet at the Prater (maybe even earlier) - if not, then we play via Discord (channel shall be provided soon)

Does anybody prefer to run anything?
(If not and @ThatGuyTed is available, he might run a Baron Münchausen game)

See you (personally/virtually) on Thursday!

Yay, Thursday games are back :slight_smile:

I wanted to prepare something, but it won’t be finished by Thursday, maybe next time.
But I’m open for anything.

I’d be in but don’t think I can run anything. So I’ll just show up.

I’m not sure yet if I can make it. Will see on Thursday.

I am available and as Baron Münchausen basically requires no prep work I’ll very happily run a session for you guys. (Unless someone else really wants to run something, of course)

Well, the weather doesn’t look so good today, or should we risk it?

I don’t think it’s going to rain (at least none of my weather forecasting apps think so) so as long as we can withstand the odd breeze we could still meet up in person.

I don’t mind the wind personally but it should be a majority decision.

It feels quite chilly - I’d love to meet and talk to you, but getting cold doesn’t sound too good.
I’d prefer virtual meeting tonight - and here is a discord channel for that.

I prefer online as well.

Alright. Online it is. :ok_hand:

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