Thursday Night Open Table Game (2020-09-24)

Hello there,

After last weeks game, lets see if we can keep the ball rolling

When: 24.9.2020, 19:30

Where: Online via discord
or maybe if the weather is nice we could meet at the Prater (@S_journ might know a place).

Does anybody want to run anything?

I’ve a Maze Rats game I can offer, but I’m also up to play something else.

See you on Thursday!

Sounds good, I’ll be there either virtually (with a new webcam) or personally.

Lets see if we find some more people for an online game.

@ThatGuyTed do you have time?

Depends on what you guys are planning to run. (and how long it takes)

I’ve a Maze Rats game ready, but that would still fall into the 2+ hour range

Yeah I can’t do 2+ hours this week. Next week should work for something like that though.

Alright, then lets not do this today.

See you next week :wave:

Okay, see you next week!

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