Thursday Jan 4th Spielbar


So who’s planning on being there? Who’s planning on running something? :slight_smile:


I will likely be there, and can run something if nobody minds my limited GM skills and starting the game at 8ish once I get there. Otherwise, happy to play if someone has a better alternative!


I will be there.
I could also run something. It’d be my first try as a GM tho, so caution is adviced.


I am a complete newcomer to roleplaying and would like to attend. Is this possible? I dont want to drag some pro-group down. Could a friend of me, with the same skillset, join in as well? :slight_smile:


new players are always welcome, especially on thursdays :slight_smile:


Absolutely! And we are definitely not pros. I’m not even sure what that would be like. Could we really get paid to play RPGs? That would be awesome…


Next time I see you (hopefully next week), I’ll totally pay you a buck to roleplay, and then you can tell everybody you’re a professional!


can we pay that buck in a round-robin-kind-of-way and call all of us professional roleplayers then? :smiley:


Ooh, excellent idea!


Then we wouldn’t be professional role-players, we’d be money launderers.


I would not want to support any kind of illegal activity, but I gladly pay a beer for the hard-working GM! :smiley:


I‘m in …

I would leave it at that except I need to write something long enough so it will actually post.



I want in on whatever criminal activity is being planned here and also on any game since I actually have time for once.


Awwww the one time exciting and illegal stuff is going down I’m out of town :frowning: make me proud!!!


I’m sure it won’t be the only time




Ahoy there! I’m just getting into D&D and I would like to join your session. Is it ok to just bump in tommorrow? And do you all play in English? My German is still pretty rusty.


Sure just come by. To play in english is kind of the purpose of this whole forum. :smiley:


Whoops. Will not be able to make it after all. Kid is ill. Have fun.


Hope your little one gets better soon!

So @ohmi, would you like to run your first game tonight? If not, I can have something ready, though it will only start by 8 when I get there, and will almost definitely be silly.