Thursday Jan 4th Spielbar


Yeah I think I have something nice prepared. Depends on how many players we will be in the end, maybe we can do both.


OK, so I’m on reserve in case we need a second game. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight! Pre-emptive apologies for anyone kept waiting for me to show up!


@BUprof hope it’s nothing serious and your little one is full of energy again soon enough :smiley:

looking forward to some fun tonight :slight_smile:


Ok, sorry, kid stuff came up here too, I won’t make it either. Have fun everyone!


so i hope you two enjoyed the short improv i came up with
also i hope the other group had fun killing slaves and stuff in the wild west (that’s about the only couple of words i caught from their table :smiley: )


It was quite the chaotic session, which was great fun :smiley:
The players successfully took one step forward in their quest of making the wild west a better place. Then they turned around and made everything worse!


It was veary cool
Let meine know if you run the next game


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