Thursday, Feb. 20: Open RPG at Spielbar

Last week we had a chance to have a fun game in a WWI setting, now time to have an even better time during the WWII!

This week, I present the “Allo Allo Rpg” for you, which is a comedy game based on an obscure british tv-series (more details and video can be found here). If you have still no idea (or are too lazy to click on the previous link), it will be about a bunch of Frenchmen who try to survive the wartime without getting shot by the Germans, or the resistance (while helping the latter in partisan actions), or being caught by their wife/lover in flagranti. You don’t have to know the rules or the tv-show to enjoy this game, just bring a d6, a pencil and a piece of paper.

See you on Thursday!

See everybody on Thursday

Like any good Shadowrunner I can provide stupendous amounts of d6 and if the stars align in the right way, might actually be present to do so.

Last time we played this was fun. Unfortunately I won’t have time this Thursday. Have fun :slight_smile:

Just realized that today is opera ball which makes the Spielbar-Home-logistics a nightmare. Will have to postpone.

Something come up for me tonight, sadly I have to postpone the game

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