ALlo Allo - the rpg

Many of our games - independently whether these are Thursday one-shots or Friday AL sessions - are good humored sessions, with many absurd scenes and a lot of fun. Most of it tend to look like, as if they were situational comedy shows. But what if we really run situational comedy show as game once?

My idea to make a homage to a great british comedy series called Allo Allo (see video below) and run a one-shot fun based game, where players try to solve certain goals (for example helping to british airmen to escape or stealing invasion plans) in WWII setting as funnily as possible. You don’t have to know the series to play (every information shall be provided on the spot), neither the rules (it will be a based on Lasers and Feelings), just come and join to us and have a great time!

One thing is granted: nothing will be taken too serious there!

As a peak-in (or for people, who are not familiar with the series):

Edit: the game will be in Spielbar


I was 50/50 about this week, but you’ve managed to persuade me!

Sad, that I wont be there to experience it. Have fun though guys)

@gridshadow Happy to hear it! At least we will have an “expert”, if say something wrong

@Resil: if the game goes well, I might run it other Thursdays as well

Sounds fun. See you Thursday.

This sounds interesting, will be there :wink:


I might be slightly late tonight

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