This is quite the impressive turn out! Count me in for whatever sorts of insanity and fun for tonight!

@H Still room in your DnD game for tonight?


Will be there to and happy to play wherever i find space :wink:


Anyone knows if we reserved a table in the end?


We probably should have booked the place it seems


this was great, had loads of fun playing shadowrun, the speeches were great and the presenting of the gifts and the reactions to it were awesome :slight_smile:


I TRIED. But they showed me in tonight and pointed out that we had seating for 30 people, as requested. And we made it work! I just felt bad for that party of ten stuck in the same room as all us crazy people.


no feeling sorry for them, it was their own fault to try to game when we had a party :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks everyone! That was fantastic!


That was quite amzing!

The screen was amzing!


Thanks for the crazy fun monkey game, Simon!

(…or is it MONKEY?)


I have captured the speeches for those who couldn’t be there. Sorry, for the bad audio and shaking, though - it was more of a spontaneous decision:

RPGVienna 5th Anniversary


You all rule. Thanks everyone!!! :heart: :slight_smile: :blush:



i think these images capture @Neil 's illusive sith lord vibe :stuck_out_tongue:


@Thopthes that was incredible of you. I’m really thrilled that we got everyone’s reactions. Thank you so very much.

And @Alrik & @Tersidian, the pictures are spectacular, they don’t just cover the “formal”* part of the evening, but all the gaming as well. And there was a LOT of gaming, which is exactly how the 5 year anniversary of an RPG group SHOULD be celebrated. Yay to all of us and to another 5 years! And anyone else who has pictures to post, get ‘em up here!

*”formal”. HAHAHAHAHAHA [wipes eyes]