Hey everyone! Make sure to lock down December 7 for Spielbar attendance to celebrate RPG Vienna’s 5-year anniversary! T-shirts will be handed out, speeches will be made, drinks will be drunk, games will be played, dice will be rolled*. It will be a grand gala. @H, @Simon, and @Neil will all be there to be awarded t-shirts and bought drinks and rolled die at. Christmas carols will be sung.

It would be helpful if you let me know if you are coming, so I know whether to ask Spielbar to reserve the center room for us. I hope I have to ask them to reserve the whole bar for us! I know we can make that happen, there are a LOT of us.

I will make a guest appearance as GM, so you might want to lock down places in other people’s groups now. Depending on the voting, I will either run Star Wars d20 (for @Neil); Shadowrun (for @Simon), or Original D&D (for @H). First 5 posts that want to play in my group will decide!

*As you may notice, I am currently learning “wird”, that mysterious verb in German where things just happen.


i’ll be there, would love to play some shadowrun in your group :smiley:


Star Wars :smiley:


DnD :grinning:



(Which IS a complete sentence, dammit!)


I will be there, playing whatever most people enjoy to play. Yes, I am a selfless semi-human being :smile:


Someone managed to hear my hints that I am not a very good GM.


I’ll be there. Don’t know when but I’ll show up!


I will be there and Shadowrun would be oh-so lovely :grin:


falls to his knees, screaming at the heavens, while the camera zooms out from the top


I’m not in town on that Thursday :cry:



It can’t be the 14th, that’s Star Wars Episode 8 night. I can deliver your t-shirt before or after.


I will be there :slight_smile:


I will be there. Can play just about anything, but not well :wink:


I’ll be there. RPG Vienna birthday party!! :hugs::birthday:


Wouldn’t miss it, and I’ll happily play any of those games. OD&D is great (and the reason we’re all playing these games today), so is Shadowrun (I’m always up for any game about the '80s), and d20 is one of the four best Star Wars RPGs ever! (Just kidding, Neil :slight_smile: ) Looking forward to it! (Although come to think of it, ‘rolled die at’ does sound a bit ominous …)

And happy 5th birthday yesterday to the Thursday Night group! Here’s to the next five!


For those who can’t make it, I will call Promotexx on Monday to get the finish date, and find with someone who has a car :red_car: and free time around said date, and announce when t-shirts will be ready so that those who can’t be there can make arrangements to pick up their t-shirts. :smiley: :christmas_tree: !!


I will be there.


I will be there and happy to participate in any game, that still has openings. Looking forward to see the t-shirts as well. :wink:


Moving this one to the top again – so far, I have a count of 15. Are there more who plan to come?


I’ll be there as well. I’m compeltly lost in the thread, which game shall we play, but I’d be happy to play any of the three mentioned above (or a yet-non-anounced fourth one?)