I’ll probably run Shadowrun, since I have 2 votes :ballot_box: for that and a whole ton of “I’ll play anything.”

We’re going to need other GM’s, though. Big time. @gridshadow? @Thopthes? @Thurlac? Anyone else want to GM? IF — and it’s a big IF — IF Shadowrun goes well, I’ll run it again.


I will probably be there, and I don’t care what im going to play, as long as I can play :smiley:


I’ll be there. And would like to play Mouseguard finally!


I’ll be there.

Can run something if people want - old school AD&D maybe, or maybe some scifi (but unfortunately not Star Wars - don’t think I can do it justice).


Yes, I will play mouseguard for sure. I‘ll read up on the rules this week.


Oh, so you’re running the Shadowrun? Then you’ve got the third 'runner!


I’ll probably be there as well, also bringing a +1. Shadowrun would be really awesome :smiley:


I am REALLY psyched for all the people coming. This will be a blast.

I am scared that it seems like we are signing up for a 15 person Shadowrun game when I’m probably preparing 5-6 characters. I’m an inexperienced GM who hasn’t played Shadowrun since 2003 (although I played a LOT back then). Please don’t get your hopes up TOO high.


Sounds doable. Five characters in Seattle, four in cyberspace, three on the astral plane, two in orbit …

… and a partiridge in a pear tree.


Deckers are NPCs. I learned that from my first GM. We’ll see about mages going… elsewhere.


No deckers? And you say I’m a harsh DM …


My old GM let us play with a PC decker for one session. After we had to stop the game for an hour in the middle while the GM ran a private game with the decker, we all got the point.


Main party in the living room, decker in the hall, mage on the balcony, DM switches every couple minutes.

Oh yeah, and the rigger tapped into the vehicle …

Ah, Shadowrun!


Well, I’ll be hosting Mouse guard so there will be space for four players. You will not have to wrangle them all by yourself :wink:


As there’ll be roughly a million people at Spielbar on Thursday, I’ve been asked to prepare something to run as well. I’m not sure we’ll actually have time for all these games since rumor has it that Neil is putting the finishing touches on a ninety-minute speech, but just in case … any requests?


And how long is yours?


Mine is going to be three hours long.
But then, every 30 minutes, we roll for a random sentence and I have to improv. the rest…


I’ll also be there with a friend (Eva). Looking forward to a crazy night of games ^^


Yes! this will be great.


Those who want to play Shadowrun*, remember your 6-sided dice!

*no, I WON’T have room for all 15 or so people who have expressed an interest. First 5-6 Shadowrunners that show up are in.