Thursday 24 May - Spielbar

So, who will be there this week. Who has something they can run?

I may be able to come up with something if needed.

Hi, I’m going to be in town for a few weeks. Would there be room for me to join? I mostly play 5e, but I’m open to anything.

I’m new to this website, but I’ve been playing Pathfinder and D&D5E for a while now. How exactly do these meetups work. I’d be interested in playing some more D&D.

What he said, except I don’t have much D&D/Pathfinder Experience.

Hello @ConsiCon, @BuckThunder and @Megarith. Welcome.

The Thursday night games are one shots - we play whatever system someone feels like running. It tends to be fairly simple systems and we don’t assume any prior knowledge of the system (and sometimes only the DM knows the system anyway). We either create characters at the start of thre session quickly, or the Gm brings pre-made characters.

The games are open - feel free to turn up tomorrow (we aim for between 7 and 7.30 @ Spielbar). Generally, we have a thread like this one posted sometime during the week before - it’s useful if you post a message to say you are coming.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

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I’ll be there.

I should be able to make it

I will also join tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I could dm my “roman-themed D&D 5 dungeon” again if needed^^
(max 5 players; pregenerated characters)

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I am so up for that.

I would love to join! Can’t wait to meet everyone. :blush:

I’ll also swing by around 19ish.

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I’ll come down around 7:00 assuming the weather isn’t completely terrible.

I will probably show up. Also I could run something.

i’m thinking about showing up (but i did crash hard yesterday due to lack of sleep, so i’m not sure), if i show up i will be there by around 19:00 and would prefer to play today :slight_smile:

I’ll be there around 7.

i will come along

ok, i’m on my way there, hope i can find you.

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Me too :upside_down_face:

i hope you had fun :blush:

if you have any questions and/or want the sollution to the “stuff” you were facing
write me a PM :slight_smile:

The Dungeonslayers:
Points: 116
Special: they aggroed every monstery they could find

… the other groups got …

GJsoft (fighter), -H- (warlock), KauraKuitu (rogue):
Points: 212
Special: gueststar darthkiwi; solved it with pure luck, but kudos nevertheless!!! Congrats!!!

Alrik (rogue), Dominik (fighter), Simon (warlock):
Points: 94
Special: Solved all the rooms; had the most epic ending possible

Auburney (rogue), Chylli (fighter), Hildi (warlock):
Points: 151
Special: Had a romance subplot as a sidequest at the end^^

DoomCarrot (warlock), GodKingTom (fighter), Ulex (rogue):
Points: 149
Special: DoomCarrot cracked the Jackpot twice … kinda :slight_smile:

The 5th Year anniversary group:
Points: 11
Special: they also went for the most epic ending; one player even lost two characters

The Birthday Party:
Points: 200
Special: they cracked the Jackpot, but they killed their own cleric