Thu October 5, 02017, Spielbar 7pm (Open Gaming Night)

I am not committing myself to being there yet, but I can certainly open the category. Who is interested? Who has something to run?

I ought to be there this week. Can run something if desired. Call of Cthulhu, perhaps?

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I’d be interested in Cthulu.

As long as I do not have to play a sorcerer.

I’m pretty new here but I’d love to get to know you and hop into a game!

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I am planning on being there.

I have this new game system I am writing that will need playtesting but it could probably use more work than I can provide until tomorrow.
Maybe next week I can run the first trial

Hopefully I’ll be there

Is it called Schmungeons & Schmagons Schmifth Edition? :stuck_out_tongue:


Slanderous accusations!

My name for it is: Ability Progression through Errors

Anyway, not much point in reinventing D&D 5 as it is already the most perfectest system ever granted to mankind.

Hopefully I will make it next week, to give APE a try! Do we get to play as or against monkeys?

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so we don’t get to be kobolds then?

Maybe even to all species? There might be aliens but even if they couldn’t invent a better one could they?

It’s monkeys v. kobolds, with players on both sides.

If it wasn’t that before, it is now.

Should we borrow @H 's d20, the one that only rolls critical failures?


In my revised Kardashev-Simon scale, the advancement of an alien civilisation will be determined by how similar its best RPG system is to D&D5th edition.


It actually uses 5D10s.

one per kobold? or is it for a 5-headed kobold?

Or is it a five-headed kobold monkey?


Laugh as you must. You guys won’t be so joyful when you face the dreaded monkheydra!

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