Thu October. 26, 02017, Spielbar 7pm (Halloween)

Halloween will soon be upon us - who’s up for our traditional get-together?

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I plan on being there.

Let’s get Spooopy together. Whooohoo cute ghost flies through the room behind me

i’ll try to be there

I will be there and ready to die (only in character hopefully) :grin:

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I’ll try to be there too :slight_smile:

I should be able to make it as well.

I shall be there, too.

By the way, there were many mentions on the forum about the first RPGVienna game, Castle Action and based on what I’ve heard from some of the ex-pirates and old members of the forum, it would be fun to play it once in the near future to celebrate the 5th birthday of the community.
@H, are you interested to run it?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN EX-PIRATES?! Do we need to keelhaul you again until you understand the ways of the sea?!
:boom: :rowing_man: :boom: :boom: :sailboat: :crossed_swords:

BTW: If you’re gonna play Action Castle (…ACTION CASTLE) I’ll skip this halloween game I think - not cause I don’t like it, I just already know both parts :confused:

Doesn’t Halloween usually have multiple games running? I was under that impression. As I have never actually been to one.

Depends on who’s running something…
Action castle is one of the few games that can be played with a dozen people or so

Apparently, so is Pathfinder.

Not really. Completely different games

OK, first off, I’m up for anything.

What I was thinking of doing was playing a game in the Action Castle (Chorus: “ACTION … CASTLE!”) family (if you haven’t played, don’t look it up; it’s far more fun that way), because quite a few people haven’t played yet, including someone actually called Parsley, and it’s always fun having a big table for a holiday. This would be a new game that none of you has played yet.

However, if some of the old hands have grown tired of Actioncastlespacestationpumpkintownetc, I completely understand and we can split tables, do something completely different, or whatever. There are plenty of spooky games that would fit the bill.

Again, I’m up for anything.


(And yes, I’d be happy to run the original Action Castle (Chorus: “ACTION … CASTLE!”) again at some point for anyone interested, but as Thopthes said, there’s no point in playing it again if you’ve already done so.)

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I’m just saying that we played Pathfinder with about a dozen people. PROOF OF CONCEPT.

You did?

I don’t have anything to contribute long enough, but I will be there!

I’m pretty sure you were there. And GM’ing. And giving prizes to @H for continuing to roll 1’s.

Ah I wasn’t sure you were talking about the PF101 game cause we were far from a dozen players.

We had, like, ten or something.