Thu May 26, 2016, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Headcount, and all that jazz.

Assuming we won’t have too many people show up, we’re ready for -H-'s wonderful, brand-new, highly-anticipated, critically-acclaimed anthology campaign.

If it turns out we need 2 tables, I can take one over (this time for real)

Well, I am all game. Count me (head) in.
Any character-generating procedures one has to go through for this campaign?


I’ll be there!

I´ll be there as well. But i have to warn you: I am a total Beginner.

I might be Mistaken, but isn´t this Thursday on May 26th ?

I might be Mistaken, but isn´t this Thursday on May 26th ?[/quote]

HOW DARE YOU QUESTION GJ, lord of the seven random events and commander of friendly fire???


I hope I’ll be there as well this week.

What are you fine folks talking about?

It must have been your imagination :^)

I’ll be there.

I should be there too. I also may be bring along a few friends. I’ll confirm later.
Also if wanted I have a starwars saga game I’ve been wanting to run, if there is interst.

I’ll be there and will bring no-one.

Deployment has been rescheduled to today. :frowning:

Because after that build-up, there’s no way the actual game could possibly disappoint, right?

See you on Thursday!

Come on! What could possibly go wrong, after pumping up everyones expectations to max-level. :mrgreen:

It’s going to be so exciting, it’ll revolutionalize tabletop gaming for years to come.
Can confirm, am a professional time-traveller.

No pressure though

No pressure though[/quote]

I should bring Narnia or something in case he collapses…

I bet it’s written on AT LEAST two envelopes. AMIRITE?
Awesome stuff already!

The records tell of a game written on not an envelope, but a shipping crate. Such was the significance of the event.

Hi I’d like to come too!

OK since we’re way to many to all join the H game, I start bribing right now.

I offer several card packs (unopened) and some chocolate muffins (flavour still negotiable).

Holymoly – bribing – i almost forgot about this …
O mighty gaming-deity, known as “H”, would you accept two vintage and vestal packs of “Mein Gut Aiderbichl” stickers as proper offering to your altar?

I raise vanilla icing and sparkles.

Sparkling sprinkles to be precise.

PS: It occurs to me that Sparkling Sprinkle would be one of the cutest superhero names ever.