The V.A.L.U.E. of Public Libraries

Hi, I’d like to join tonight with a new character that i have a concept for but still needs to be created.

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welcome :partying_face:

please show up a bit earlier
typically there will be so there, who can help you :slight_smile:

great to see you again btw :smiley:

Would there be space for one more player at a table ? Sorry for the late notice

Edit from memory before the whole corona thing i gor a character into t3 play so i pretty sure i can join any table if they will have me

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Hi @blueblaze, Sadly there has been a character reset so you should definetly bring a new character aswell

I’d also join your table today if you DM again, just might be a little late!

I just finished with job and totally brain-dead today. Sorry for the late response, but I can’t come today
(E.g one T1 slot is free)


Thanks for playing

in addition to the diamonds and gold you already got …

additionally Dom (by @PlayerofDom) gets the following Homebrew Story Award :point_down:

It Was with You All Along

During your crisis of faith you discovered that, it does not matter if your religion had been inspired by dragons aeons ago or not … your faith is about who you are as a person and about your own convictions, and not about someone else.

Effect: If someone or something tries to influence/corrupt you away from your beliefs and convictions, all your checks and saving throws to resist that will have advantage.

@joeder @AutumnLeif @Rayce_Kaiser @loghorn @DrunknDoc
Dread Morgane, Vile Sazha and Auntie Greenbones, would also like to thank you for playing hihihi

Adventure Rewards:
In addition to the standard GPs awarded, the Party receives the following items:
Potion of Hill Giant Strength @joeder, gives it to @AutumnLeif?
Oil of Slipperiness (Theo) @loghorn ?
Scroll of Greater Restoration @joeder
Scroll of Clairvoyance Dradork @DrunknDoc ?
+1 Wand of the Warmage @Rayce_Kaiser ( i rolled who.gets it between the 4 m users)
3 doses of Assasins Poison @AutumnLeif

  • Feel free to trade these items within the party.
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Sry for the late note! For those who played at my Tabel !

You found This Banner in The Bedroom of the Wizzard, on it there is a Giant looking rune on it , even after all this Years there it looks new and shining.