The V.A.L.U.E. of Public Libraries

I’d love to join a T1 table. I don’t have much experience in DnD so I would greatly appreciate a bit of help.

outrageous that the only time I don’t have time for being there you show up >:(

Expertly dodged😅 But Is ollroight, we will meet some other time.

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Will be there to run a t1 or t2 game, or non-dnd system if there’s any interest!

heavy breathing a-a-a library???
D’Cannith will be there.

I will be along; I’ll be ready to run Spelljammer Academy (T1) adventure otherwise I will join the Candlekeep table

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With so many friendly faces around, I’ll pop-up as well for a T1 table

DMs (3):
Darthbinks - T3 :worm:
Atoh-nym - T1-T2 :candle:
(lv. 3-6 Characters)
Unsniped - T1 or T2 or non-dnd :game_die:

Potential DMs (2):
healywp T1
(otherwise :candle:)
KKevin T2
(if 3 previous players are there)

Players (23):
Stracci T3 :worm:
ThatGuyTed :worm:
BufoBufo :worm:
PlayerofDom :worm:
Fridi :worm:

joeder T1/T2/T3 :candle:

Kofoed_Ottesen T1
Semako T2/T3
potatoes T1/T2 (wants to join KKevin if he is there and wants to DM)
Rayce_Kaiser T1/T2/T3
mane (wants to join KKevin if he is there and wants to DM)
Emma T1/T2
Martin T1/T2
AutumnLeif T1/T2
Resil +1
Aegidus T1
S_journ T1
DrunknDoc T2/T3
svn T1/T2 or non-dnd
Eshtesht T2
orestotel T2
Tankanari T1 (or T2)

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Welcome to the community! If you need help with character creation or have any other questions about the system/our VALUE rules: Just make sure to come a little bit earlier. Usually someone will already be there at about 18:00. :ok_hand:

Will try to come a earlier and book the indoor table, if that’s alright?
It is mostly cause I need brighter light (staff was kind enough to change one light bulb last time…).


Will try to come a earlier and book the indoor table, if that’s alright?

do so :+1:

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Hey I’ll join with a T2/T3 :smile:

I would like to join you as a player. would also be interested in non-dnd system.
(T1/T2 or non-dnd)

As much as I was looking forward to this, I unfortunately can’t make it. Tested myself again on Saturday (10.9) and ended up being positive, later confirmed by PCR test. So, I’m in quarantine until next Wednesday. Wish you all the best and I’ll be back once I’m free of the plague.

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My wave function collapsed and doubled. Im bringing an Ukrainian colleague over for your warm welcome. He knows noone in Vienna and I feel like your guy’s company is best in here.

I think i might come with T2

Get well soon!

Sry for late notice i will be there this week dm the T2 game if we have at least 3 of the players who played before . If not I will play


t2 brorn rogue coming

Okay sounds good. I will try to be there 1830 at the latest but it depends when I get off work.