The V.A.L.U.E. of New Year Resolutions

Please post in this thread, should you plan to show up as a player / as a dm
and also the Tier of your game / characters you want to play


  • T1: levels 1-4
  • T2: levels 5-10
  • T3: levels 11-16
  • T4: levels 17-20


:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

:point_right: RPG Vienna Quick Start Guide

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

Note that we did a Character/Item-Reset affecting all PCs created before May 13th '22
:point_right: see here for details

  • should we have > 25 players, we sadly cannot guarantee you finding a table to play :four_leaf_clover:
  • should we have > 30 players, it sadly seems unlikely that you will find a table to play :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:
  • in both cases :point_up: we’ll rule first-post-first-serve, except reserved spots for continuing games

will be there
prolly to dm a roman / greek mythlogy inspired T1 game :classical_building:

Looking forward to it. Would like to play T1/T2.

Might be there to play T2-T4, not sure yet.

I’ll be there for T1-3

I’ll be there with T1-3 characters

I’ll probably be there, with T1-T4 Characters (and maybe a T2/T3 adventure if needed - I might prepare something or I can also just improv a session :ok_hand:)

I’ll also be there to play T1 - T3.

Edit; would like to join @Darthbinks :classical_building: if possible :slight_smile:

I will be there to DM something T2/3 for the last session this year

I’d love to join with a T1 character. I hope I get the rules right for the character building, would be my first time playing with you. :slight_smile:

I will play T1-3. Thinking about joining cat´s table.


DMs (2-3):

-cat4laugh T2-T3 :cat2:
-Darthbinks T1 :classical_building:

Potential DMs (1):

-ThatGuyTed T2-T3 :game_die: otherwise joins a T1-T4 table

Players (12-13):

-Xerdor T1-T3 :cat2:

-Jackfruitchilly T1 :classical_building:

-Anne T1
-Dahla T2
-jboimler T1-T3
-Lisalabim T1-T2
-Martin T1-T2
-MyChemicalDeath T1-T3
-Rayce_Kaiser T1-T3
-Semako T2-T4
-Stracci T1-T4
-Toni T1

As I am not sick, my daughter is not sick and I am not overworked, I’ll drag my butt over for this.

Will be there as a player, T1-3


I’m planning to come with my T2 character.

I will come with a T1 character

Will join as a player. T1/2

I’d like to join as well if there’s still space? Haven’t played with you in a while but I believe it’s okay to create a lvl 5 character now? Otherwise I’d like to play T1.
Is anyone there early maybe to check if I followed the character creation rules correctly?


yes & yes :slight_smile:

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btw you can find the rules here
:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

(includes that could start at 5th level)

Just want to confirm that I will be there. :slight_smile: