The v.a.l.u.e. of lives

I’m continuing my campaign into/about Gnomeregan.

Interested on showing up as a player, would like a T1 but any Tier is okay:) if I could not make will make sure to sure that.

I will be there might run something as well :slight_smile: T1, or T2 don’t know yet

I will be bringing my son to play.

+2 interested people via Meetup (excluding myself).


DMs (2)

  • Takanari T2 :test_tube:
  • BufoBufo T1-T2 :frog:

Players (7-8)

  • Alaadu T1-T4
  • DndDmom
  • Xaosseed +1
  • Col_Mustard_Ret
  • timoteus2
  • Potifex
  • Valzon (maybe)

Hi, i would like to join. I have have never played dnd before tho. What do i need to bring with me?

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  • Something to write with would be good.
  • An idea what sort of character you want to play (we can help you with creation, but it would be good if you already have an idea).
  • a blank character sheet if you haven’t made a character yet
  • If you don’t have dice, we can borrow you some.
  • Maybe some money to buy something to drink

Thanks for the quick answer. With blank character sheets do you mean those printable character layouts?

Yes for example

Interested in joining, but can’t say for sure i will

Looks like I’ll have time to join. Can either play or DM depending on what’s needed.

Unfortunately i dont have a printer at home. So could someone print out a set of character sheets?. That would be awesome

We won’t make it due to illness. Enjoy the morning!

can do

Will show up, looking forward :grin:

Hi all, I’d be willing to DM a one-shot at Sägewerk next Saturday if people are around/interested. Could do T1 or T2 depending on what people want, happy to run it with VALUE rules, etc. I had a fun idea for a session I plan to flesh out this weekend haha

I would be interested. (T1, as it’ll be my second game of dnd)

@Col_Mustard_Ret @Potifex @Valzon

Thank you for playing and solving the conspiracy around the dinosaur race.

You gain:

I’ve thrown up a post for next Saturday - if you can repeat all you’ve just said on that post, people will see it tagged to the right date.