The V.A.L.U.E. of Giants

I’ll be there, running a T1 or T2 game, or a non-dnd system if there is interest. I’ll be bringing two folks visiting the city with me.

I will be there for the Worms table :bug:

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DMs (5):
Darthbinks T3 :worm:
Lux_Tenebraeque T1/T2 :skull:
healy_wp T1 :sailboat:
Rayce_Kaiser (low) T2 :brain:
Unsniped T1 or T2 or non-dnd :game_die:

Players (21):
Jackfruitchilli :worm:
ThatGuyTed :worm:
Stracci :worm:
Fridi :worm:
BufoBufo :worm:
PlayerofDom :worm:
PatrickD :worm:

Kofoed-Ottesen T1 :sailboat:
svn :sailboat:

Emma T1/T2 :brain:
mane T1/T2/T3 :brain:

Semako T2/T3
Aegidus T1
Elenaaa T1/T2 (prefers T2)
Unsniped’s friends 2x T1/T2
cat4laugh T1/T2/T3/T4
Tiero T1/T2/T3/T4 (would like to play T2)
KKevin T1/T2/T3/T4
orestotel T1/T2
Shadow T1/T2


Sounds interesting, hoping I can get a spot :smiley:

Finally I can make it again for the AoW.

I will be there for whatever table will have me t1-4 the whole shabang :slight_smile:

Would love to join tomorrow, any tier, preferably t2. Missed you guys =)


welcome back :slight_smile:

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Hi i will join this week as a player .

t1-t2 rogue lvl 7 coming

Hi, been an age since I’ve bin, I’d have t1-t2 characters

Would it be possible for a newcomer to join its a bit of a late notice…I have no idea what im doing i got some cubes no chars though soo if u got any premades for me i was in a group once some years ago…But would really like to come aggain…I do have some experience in rpg games but tabletop man im awfull

May be a couple mins late but if theres interest in a game with me/too many folks, feel fee to congregate in an area til i get there.

I will also be a few minutes late.

It’s always possible to join, if you can be there 30 minutes before start , most of the time one of our dms is earlier in the caffè and can help you create a new character.

@BufoBufo @Fridi @PatrickD @PlayerofDom @ThatGuyTed

Congrats! You defeated the Teen-Titans!
Thanks for playing :smiley:

additionally to the 3200gp from the Titans’ treasure room,
you gain one of the following:

also the following consumeables:

potion of speed (@Fridi),
dust of sneezing and choking and scrolls of gust, dark star, foresight (2) (@ThatGuyTed)

additional homebrew story award items:

Sheshka (by @BufoBufo) & d’Cannith (by @Fridi) gain
Figurine of Wondrous Power (Serpentine Owl) … that looks like a jade Couatl (winged snake).

d’Cannith (by @Fridi) also gains a
Duplicitous Manuscript, that appears to be a volume of erotic Vecna fanfiction.

I also updated the Circlet of Aaqa (Exalted) as well as Thunder & Lightning (Exalted)
:point_right: AoW Homebrew Magic items

a note for the players at my table last time, at least those, who use D&DBeyond (mostly @PlayerofDom)
I just noticed that all Dragon’s Wrath weapons on D&DBeyond are only longswords
(seems they didn’t manage to add the other weapon types so far … :frowning: )

:dragon: How to turn it into a Glaive on DNDBeyond

  • click the arrow down, right next to Customize
  • on the second ‘Space’ under Notes type in the following: Heavy, Reach, Two-Handed
  • -done- :+1:
  • during game use the (Versatile) d10 for damage (not the d8)

I can’t find it in my d&dBeyibd anyways, mabey because i don’t have the book for it. I write it down for then! Thanks!

@Tiero @Emma @Elenaaa @mane @Shadow @cat4laugh

Congrats on escaping the simulation! You discovered 4 lvl 1 Spell Scrolls, which was already shared by the party. Several days after your arrival in Phandalin, Glabagool arrives in town, having followed Pip. The guards pepper him with arrows and a few spears, but he doesnt seem to mind. He brings with him the remains of a mostly digested Illithid and it’s belongings:

@Tiero for taking the risk of implanting a Nothic’s eye, you may choose to take Ring of X-Ray Vision instead.