The universe is saved! For now.... V.A.L.U.E

After the huge games last week how about we tone or it down or just keep the pace going with another friday game!

I can DM T1,2 and mabye 3
I can also play any tier if someone else wants to dm :slight_smile:


The V.A.L.U.E. of Ravnica

V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

Item unlocks and their tcp cost can be found here.

Discord for questions and stuff

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I will be there and like to play this time :slight_smile:
having T1-T3 characters

(If we really, really, really need another dm, I would dm T1-2)

I should be there this week, unless plans suddenly change.

I can also try DM-ing you lot with a T1 adventure.

Otherwise I can bring a T1(lvl4) character!

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I will be there too, having characters for T1, T2 and T3 :slight_smile:

Edit: I would like to join @PatrickD’s table :slight_smile:

Hello I like to DM a T2 Eberron adventure - yes the story finally goes on, for whoever played in my last Eberron Adventures but if you don’t no worries. It’s the Oracle of the War Storryline and past discoveries / decisions will have an effect. Title of the adventure “The last word”


Coming to DM the continuation of the seven lambs of slaughter storyline. T2 (will take T1 if people have played in this adventure before)

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I’d like to join with a new character, so I’m guessing lvl 1?

Just stumbled on this page and keen to play some DnD. I assume I kick off at Level 1 too?

@BananaLee & @Streamobert

welcome :partying_face:

yes lvl 1
that’s correct :+1:

Hello. I am a new player and would be interested in playing some more dnd. Could I join a T1 table with my lvl 4 character if there is room available?

Hey Zilex. If you are a a completely new player you kick off at level 1
I suggest you read the rules in the document linked in this post:

V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

Thank you for the clarification. So i can only start at level one and see how it goes from there. I look forward to it!

Samer as last time ^^ cant promise but i would be there with characters ranging from T1 to T3

Woodelfenson will join again today

:partying_face: Today we have :partying_face:

-> Burggasse 68, Cafe Zehnsiebzig
-> 7:00 pm

@cat4laugh (T1-T3)
@K-the-fox (T1; level 1)
@PatrickD (T2; “Eberron”)
@Resil (T2; “Slaughter”)

@BananaLee (T1; level 1)
@Darthbinks (T1-T3; could dm if needed)
@dschingiskarn (T1)
@Semako (T1-T3)
@Streamobert (T1; level 1)
@zilex (T1; level 1)
… also @Gammageddon (T1-T3) tries to show up

looks like 2 tables with 4+4 (or 4+5) players, or 3 tables with 3+3+3 players
(depends if @Gammageddon shows up or not)

Keep in mind that you need to have been jabbed 21+ days ago or have a valid test to be able to enter.
Normal 3G Rules apply.



I’m in as well :v:

Hey everyone, I’d like to join tonight. Preferably @Resil 's table.

I will show up to

I will be a few minutes late, sorry!