The thread about SciFi Demo should say Open Gaming Night at Spielbar 6/6/19 and is not restricted to the advertised game

Hey folks,

time for another Thursday game night at Spielbar.

One table this week will be a SciFi demo of Explorers by the game’s author TomV for up to 6 players.

See you!

I’ll try to be there

So, that’s only the two of us?

Maybe better to reschedule…

the problem with opening a thread when there already is another thread basically discussing playing at that date … :smiley:

Is there?

I didn’t see it.

the one Alrik linked in his post, it is not in the topic as it didn’t start out as a discussion for today :slight_smile:

But the original threat didn’t have any dates or location in it.

… Also I stayed in the first post what we’re going to play tonight (with link)!

yeah but of all the people discussing playing today in that thread you are the only one in this thread :smiley:

Tonight at Spielbar … or else!

And proud of it!

I could’ve asked for the starter of the thread to add location and date. Our do what I did and crosslink. I chose poorly.

Yeah whatever.

This better? :kissing_heart:

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