SciFi demo, one-shot - looking for players and date

Hey everyone.

I’m looking for players interested in a SciFi RPG of exploring alien worlds and their dangers (no space travel). I’m the author and plan to demo it on two Cons in the near future, and I’d like to test my demo mission as well as introduce more players to the system.

Details on the system are here:

Game is best with 4-5 people, but 6 would be possible. It is easy to learn and character generation takes less than 30 minutes.

Anyone interested, post here and indicate good days and times.

What about this Thursday June 6th at our (not so regular anymore) open game night at Spielbar?

I’d be in.

I could swing that.

Thursday would work for me. Need 4 players minimum though.

Sounds great a friend of mine and me are on board for Thursday.

I’ll be there too.

seems like we have enough players. :slight_smile:

At what time are we meeting up today? 19:00? 19:30? …

I’ll try to be there at 19:00 - might be some minutes late depending on traffic, parking and other random encounters.

do you still have space for one more

yes, one more will be fine.

Alien worlds, but no space travel … so it’s both intergalactic and planetary?


(Single-planet SF is totally underrepresented in RPGs.)

Will also be a couple minutes late.

First time playing outside this year!

sorry dont wait up for me i will not be able to make it

Thank you all for coming, it was a big pleasure to play with you and it was a ton of fun.

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