The Settlers of Catan

I played this about 2 years ago. One session in German (and my German was much worse than it is now!) and predictably I didn’t “get” it.

But, I keep hearing and reading about it everywhere. Could someone sum it up for me and tell me why it’s really that good?

It is great, I can bring it with me next time (would have to be a board game session though - and although the game is in German it mostly uses pictures anyway). And I try to figure out why it’s great but I’m afraid I’m too exhausted to think properly. One aspect I like is that despite playing for individual victory you trade with each other, and the edge you thought to have gained backfires because the other person is able to purchase more than you expected.

I think the nice thing is that you create a plan how you want to win, and also, you need to trade for it with others, waging if it is important enough for you or not.

I think that one of my favorite features of SoC is the fact that the game board changes every time; the hexagons can be relocated any number of ways so players don’t need to worry about becoming “bored.” Plus, the fact that the game has so many expansions further enhances it’s variability. My favorite board game!


I agree, the changing board changes the game dramatically. And I like that I get a chance at resources every turn, not just on my turn. So in a long game with people REALLY thinking about their moves, you don’t get bored when it’s not your turn.

Anyone wanna play next weekend?

Next weekend, as in April 21-22? I could do Sunday. Maybe at Brot & Spiel?

Yes, that weekend. Sunday would be great. Was hoping for earlier in the day, Café Benno seems to open 90 minutes earlier than Brot & Spiele.

The only issue I have is another person saying Cafe Benno was VERY loud and busy – but that was on a weekend evening.

I’d be ok with either.

Another call for anyone interested in playing Settlers of Catan this weekend?

Brot & Spiele is quieter than Cafe Benno for sure.

Sounds cool.

There was some talk about organising a LAN party but I haven’t heard back about it, so, I suspect it felt through…

Plus, I cracked the screen of my laptop on the way to work, and I’d rather not move it too much, for fear to SPREAD THE DARKNESS… At least until I can order a replacement screen…

ok, now for the REALLY important question: who owns a copy of the game?

That’s a good question…

I own the core game with the extension for up to 6 players. No add-ons though.

So, Sunday is settled, then?

What time?

And where? People are saying Brot & Spiel is much quieter, so I admit to a preference. It doesn’t open until 1800, though. If we go to Cafe Benno, we could get there at 1630 and have more time to play.

On the other hand, a couple games of Settlers shouldn’t take too long… if we count on breaking at 2100 (which I MUST do… I just scheduled job testing for early Monday morning), everyone can get home in time for a nice work day.

I’d love to get in on this but unfortunately this weekend is a no-go. Playing a gig on Saturday…recovering on Sunday :wink: have fun guys!

Btw as for cafe Benno I wouldn’t say it was “loud” it’s just your regular pub atmosphere. I really liked it actually and I’m pretty sure I saw a copy of “Siedlers” when I was there last.

lol I am sure this will happen again :smiley:. So, then, Cafe Benno at 4:30? if it’s too loud, we can always try Brot & Spiel the next time.

A google search actually showed two more cafés where we could play.

SpielBar, Lederergasse 26, they open at 5 pm and are affiliated with Brot und Spiele
Café Sperlhof, Große Sperlgasse 41, they open at 4 pm, according to posts this one seems to be the quietest of the four, but some found it too shabby, while others praised it

Sperlhof also seems to be the one with the largest tables and fewest people.

Personally I’m kinda intrigued by the Sperlhof, but I also want to play as much as possible and this one opens earlier than the others.