The murder of the Zodiacs (Murder Mystery RPG) @Spielbar

As I have already aquaited you with the rules during the first session (Death at the Kendricksons estate (Murder Mystery RPG) @Spielbar) I’m announcing the secong and improved Murder Mystery RPG. As always If you want to be the perpetrator, just write me on my E-Mail in advance. Dont be discouraged, Its one of the most interesting roles.
The plot of this Mystery takes us to a small and quiet town of West Tarshire, in 1949. This peaceful place has never seen hardships, and now it will face a horror like no other. The only noticable thing about it - was an american military station, that once was an old style inn, that will soon be renovated back into a Motel due to further uselessness.
I will take on a role of one of the local citizens, as will you.

Several changes to the plot structure have been made, to allow for more freedom of the characters.
If you want to submit extra characters that fit into the setting write me an e-mail, with your Ideas @

Hope to seing you at Spielbar soon, to resolve another grand mystery.

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The last one was fun, so I’ll probably be there again.

So yeah. We are going to need around 5 players. If not ill rescedule it for the next time.

I messed up. The meeting time is 19:00.

Looks like I can’t come tomorrow after all :frowning:
Anyways, have fun.

Seems like we will have to postpone it for next Thurthday.
Ill create a topic about it sometime soon.

I’m sorry. I have to attend a presentation later today & write a comment about it. :-/

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