Death at the Kendricksons estate (Murder Mystery RPG) @Spielbar

This is a game of deceit, cunning and nearly unending secrets, that wait for you players, to be uncovered.
After preliminary discussion, I have settled on a date, and the game will be held at Spielbar, on Thurthday, September 21.

  1. What to expect?
    The Murder Mystery RPG, is a roleplaying game primarily oriented on the solving of a mysterious death of an individual. The game will allow you to dive in the suspenseful atmosphere of a murder. You as the players will have to uncover the secret behind a devious plot, of an ingenious murderer, lurking among your midst. The gameplay is simple allowing freedom of action, and simultaneously being a ground zero for an amazing RP discussion. You will assume a role of one of Lord Kendricksons guests, family members and servants at a fashionable party celebrating his successful acquisition of the biggest gold mine, in the whole British Empire. I as the GM will assume the role of Lord Kendrickson, and most of the side characters, while also being “fair game”. One of you will assume the role of a devious murderer, that will try to prove his innocence and try to cover up his crime. Only through diligent detective work and brilliant deductions, will his sins be laid bare before you.

  2. What do you need to bring?
    The maximum of what you would need, will be some paper and something to write with, to help you memorize conversations, and plot points that would peek your interest. But i will bring spares, so no worries.

  3. How do you participate?
    To participate, you just need to come on time. If you want to assume the role of the perpetrator, you will need to fulfill 2 criteria.
    1)You need to be almost absolutely sure, that you will be able to come on time. And that you will stay till the end.
    2Write me an e-mail at that you want to, for better communication you might link your social media, close to the end I will pick one of the willing randomly. Or you can just write me here in PM.

  4. What is the plot?
    As I already briefly mentioned, you will be at lord Kendricksons party, at his luxurious mansion in west Hampshire. You are either servants in his estate, members of his family or his honorary guests. The party looks amazing, but not all is as it appears to the eye.
    Everything else is unfortunately a spoiler and will be uncovered during the game itself.

For the game we need at least 5 players, but there is no upper limit, so everyone is welcome.

Would you like to test your detective skills?

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Count me in for the murder party.

Just a reminder. If you want to be a perpetrator just write me😉

Count me in!

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Tree-ste reunion!

Need 2 ideally 3 more people)

Count me in as well.

So, pls people who might want to join, write here, so that we dont run out of characters

I wanna be there - can’t promise though. Will know by Thursday

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The same goes for me. I’ll hope that I find the time to come by Spielebar again after a long while. :slight_smile:

I will try to make it

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Will be there!

I’ll probably be there too

I hope you got the e-mail i sent you. :smile:
I’ll be there, too - today. :smiley:

Hm, who could be the mysterious murderer?:thinking:

And just to confirm: I’ll be there.

Hey this makes me look more stupid than I am. xD
That’s okay, though. :smiley:
I didn’t get a response to my email and maybe it didn’t arrive at all. :woman_shrugging:
Anywhooo … just wanted the “number of expected players” to be accurate.
See you guys soon… :hocho: muhahaha - creepy laugh

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sadly, I can’t come tonight. Have fun guys

I don’t think I can make it either, sorry

Sorry I couldn’t make it. Higher powers. In this case the higher power was a broken water pipe.