The MAD V.A.L.U.E. of betrayal

Come one, come all to the alluring adventures of amazement.
Im going to come to DM the finale to the “Seven lambs of Slaughter” storyline.

Remember that you need a valid covid test or a full vaccination certificate.

I’d love to join this Friday if anybody has space for a new player at their table :smiley:
It’ll be my first time so I would be bringing a level 1 character

As promised, I’ll be there :grin:

I will join and DM a T1 / Level 1 only adventure - “The Ember King - a feywild adventure”. This has a planed time of 2h, therefor I prep also a bonus adventure wich will be also located in the feywild.

Please feel free to contact me if you like to make use of the just published new races ( Fairy / Harengon) on D&D Beyond. I can invite you a campaign which enables you to create such a character.

AAAND MY AXE (technically bagpipies with a T1)

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Hey!! I’d love to come with T1-2 characters. I could bump one or two to T3 if that is needed :slight_smile:
BTW Resil, how high is the Lambs finale tierwise? 'Cause it started high T1 if memory serves but might have changed since

Hi ! If you are new to the game and need a tiny bit of help for finishing your character you can come a little earlier ~ 18:30.
There is always someone there early :slight_smile:

Hey there, thanks for the tip! I’m familiar with 5e, I meant that I would be a newcomer at these game nights :sweat_smile:
But I’ve never played Adventurer’s League before and would love to just chat a bit with all of you, so I will definitely show up a little early if anybody is going to DM a T1 session

I will be there too, with T1-T3 characters.

I’ll be there. If I can fix up my computer today i’ll bring a T1 adventure and some characters

I will probably make it

and bring “Apple Strudel & Adventure” T1 as a dm
and T1-T4 characters as a player

Still not sure, but if I come I’ll bring a T1/T2 character.

Its T 2 now

@Resil Rogère shall die a fabulously tragic death in this most glorious of conclusions; sign him up! He hopes to being able to use the sword he has been sitting on :wink:
@PatrickD Kathi kindly asks if you still have a spot at your table for her :slight_smile:

I would like to join today
I have T1/T2/T3 characters

I should be able to make it there too. Bringing T 1-3 characters.

Time to sum up.

Resil T2
PatrickD L1/T1 / Player T1-3
Darthbinks T1 /Player T1-4
BufoBufo T1 / Player T1-3

Ravn T1
ArgaVanori (Resil)
BananaLee T1
Alex T1-3 (Resil)
Semanko (T1-3)
Tiero (Resil)
Kathi (PatrickD) T1
Nepu T1-T3
ThatGuyTed T1-3

In total 13.
Could be 3 tables 4/3/3 players or 2 tables with 6 /5 players

I will be there too

I’ll join for the ‘lambs of slaughter’ finale if there’s still space with my T1 (lvl4 char)

oh, just saw that Paul runs finale at T2 lvl. Will try to join in with lower tier tables then. Good luck to the rest of UTI agents :slight_smile: