The Dreaded Prison Break

As the topic name suggests, it’s a Dread game about a prison break. For about 3-5 players.

Did you ever wanted to outsmart your jailors? Avoid getting shived in the back by your fellow prisoners? Figure out if you could secretly dig a tunnel to escape to freedom?

Some of this you might actually be able to do this Thursday :wink:

Ooooh Im up

Back from wedding and @irx will run a dread game?
I’m looking forward to it!

Probably won’t be able to make it, but thumbs up for Dread two weeks out of three!

Soooo:) 1 more?

Well, lets postpone until another week, when there are more players available.

So, I’ve updated the date to this week.
Maybe there will be more people whom I can imprison :wink:

I might be there:)

I can also join this time
However, won’t @theTyke run a Numenera game this time? If so, most of the players will be booked with that game, I assume…

Ill not be there today sadly.

@Resil: Well, it’s tomorrow anyways :wink:

Oh yeah. Confusion.
Tomorrow I might make it:)2

In case no one else could join tonight, I’d like to run a one-shot about an idea of mine for 2 players (in Discworld settings, but in case if you don’t know it, it is basically a high-fantasy setting, so no previous knowledge is necessary).
If more players would join, then we should play @irx’s Dread game, as my one-shot works only with exactly 2 players + 1 GM.

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I can make it

When will you guys be at spielbar?

I can make it too tonight, in case there’s a spot left :slight_smile:

Yes, there are still spots left.

@Resil: I’ll be there latest at 19:00, probably a bit sooner.

Sorry guys, due to work place injury I can’t make it anymore.

Sad to hear. Get well.

Still enough players for Dread or the Discworld game :slight_smile:

Im there in the back:)