Thank god it's AL Friday @ spielbar

I plan on running (part of) the introduction adventure for Curse of Strahd, it’s a Tier1+2 adventure.

I’ll try to be there a bit early as usual (~around 18:00 to 18:30ish) in case anybody got questions or needs help with something.

Also as usual, please try to announce here if you plan to be there too :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Ima comin’ in!)

Awesome! I will be there and I will bring 2 characters (one level 5/tier 2 and a new level 1/tier 1).

I would love to play Curse of Strahd!

I’m gonna be there

In! Definitely looking forward to a meatier scenario!

I’m going to come (^_^)/

Coming to play. (^ O ^)

I would be interested in trying out AL / Curse of Strahd. Do you still have space for another player?

I will DM a Tier 1 adventure :slightly_smiling_face: We will descend into the seedy underbelly of Mulmaster and try to get out of the one or the other sticky situation…

so far 2 dms and 8 players if i have not miscounted

for those that are new to AL: each DM needs at least 3 players and can’t go above 7 players to keep it AL legal

Awesome! :smiley: looking forward to it!

Schedule is favorable so far, I should make it… maybe give Mulmaster a go…

I should be able to make it but am a bit time constrained at the moment. so if I’m late start without me :smiley:

I’ll be there this Friday and I will bring 1 or 2 friends along. :wink:

Edit: I’ll bring two friends along. :smiley:

I think there is room for one more, so I’ll come :smiley:
Edit: depends if piupiu brings 1 or 2, I hope he writes it here
Edit2: @Tersidian ok, then I’ll come

if i didn’t miscount right now counting you @Nepu there are 16 people in total announced (2 dms, 14 players), which are 2 full tables

I can see that there are full tables. But i’d like to join. So I’ll come and if there’s no space. I leave. I’ve got nothing better to do.

I’d like to join as well but seeing that there aren’t enough DMs, it might be better to skip or would it be possible for you guys to DM despite so many people?

AL does not allow more than 7 players at a table… and tbh more than that is actually a bit hard to dm for anyway