Thank god it's AL Friday @ spielbar



Good then I will pass for today :slight_smile:


If it is a consideration for anyone for choosing a table tonight, the module I will DM today will most likely be a bit shorter than usual (more 2-3 hours instead of the usual 4-5 hours). My voice is totally fucked from a cold I’m still recovering from and two unexpectedly long sessions I DM’ed yesterday and the day before yesterday, and I don’t think I can go the usual distance ^^ In consequence, I will also not do the adventure in Mulmaster I had originally planned, but something in the countryside, with some themes appropriate to the season, let’s say :grin: It will still be Tier 1 though. Looking forward to rolling some dice with you tonight! :grinning:


IMO you guys should get some sort of list going. First 7, 14 etc players get priorty and who
cancels then next on waiting list jumps in…
Just my 5 cents…


Alright, so i had a lot of fun DMing, but then at the end when we payed the open bill quite a lot of stuff was still unpaid:

1/2 l Icetea
3 Ottakringer beer
1 Zwickl

is what we were left with and had to pay so Spielbar doesn’t get screwed over

If anybody from @SheVa 's table thinks they might be partially to blame for that (I’m going to assume some people just forgot to pay everything they consumed), please send me a pm so we can sort out how to resolve this, no need to do this in public unless you prefere that

I will ask Spielbar to either do a single tab for everyone from now on or to ask everybody to pay right when they get their order, even if that makes stuff more tedious for everybody involved, but this has started to happen rather regularly and that’s just wrong


Thanks to our dear Marceille for Dming the Murderhouse. I swear the whole demon summoning business will work next time. Thanks as to our friendly group. Se ya next time)


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