Summertime madness (VALUE / Open D&D Night)

Comment if you wanna meet on Friday at Cafe 1070.
If you have questions just come a bit earlier most times somebody will be a bit earlier around. Please comment if you plan to join and announce the tier of your characters or the tier of the adventure you like to DM.

I would prefer to play this time (T1/2/3) but will bring a short Adventure (T1) as backup in case there are not enough DMs.

V.A.L.U.E Rules for creating a character

Item unlocks and tcp costs

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I will be there, my sister will come as well to play. It would be great if we both could play at the same tier 1 table.

E.V.I.L. is coming back. A high t2 low t3 reintroduction to the corporate insanity. Aplicants are welcome!:slight_smile:

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I’ll be at your E.V.I.L table. Can’t wait to get back in the shoes of Triksy while he gets back in the pants of others to get promotions… what?

I’m in, I have just the right T2 for it!

I would be interested in joining with a new T1 character :slightly_smiling_face:


-> see @PatrickD & my post below:

just in case we need 3 dm’s, here was the original post:

In case there will be 3 tables again,
I will dm the (low) T2 oriental-themed pirate-treasure hunt Shore of Dreams :japanese_goblin: :rowing_woman: :person_fencing:

If there will be (only) two tables, I could dm the Pudding Faire for T1 (again),
for those who have not played it already. :honey_pot: :man_cook: :tada:

If all breaks down, I could dm my old D&D 5 tournament-adventure
(so it does include scoring for bragging-rights … @H, @KauraKuitu, @GJsoft & @darthkiwi score is unreached since 2015)
DVNGEON INVICTVS, an ancient graeco-roman-themed dungeon-crawl,
but since this won’t be AL-legal and uses pre-generated characters, I would suggest (Will-Save DC 19) using one of the two options mentioned above.

P.S.: max. of 5 players at my table, please :dragon:

I will also join the meeting with a T1 character

i would Join to play

I would like to join with a T1 character :slight_smile:

Originally i din’t planed to DM but preparation went well and next week (07.08) I’m not able to join.If there is interested i could DM part 4 of the Eberron T1adventures but for consistency it would be nice to have @Darthbinks at the table. If we need the 3 DMs I have a funny alternative prepared. Certainly rerunning one of the previous Eberron adventures is also an option.

If I run an adventure I introduce a new rule on my table:

If you use the “headband of Intellect” or the “Gauntlets of Ogre Power” on your primary score (mentioned in your class or you Spellcasting Ability of class or subclass) the score must be at least 15, on other scores it have to be 10. Alternatively they give you on a bonus on a primary score of +4 or on other scores a +9, if you values are under this minimum.

The items are in my opinion too easy available in VALUE and if you decide for a weakness in the character building process you should not so easy get rid of it.

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wuhuu :tada:

so i will join Eberron with a :robot: T1

(will bring the other adventures as a reserve in case we need 3 dms^^)

I will be there with a T1 character.

I plan to bring a T1 adventure to DM if necessary.

Does that mean that characters that already use an item like that and are above level 4 are banned on your table, or is that an exeption to the rule that reworking a character is only allowed through level 1 to 4?

While I understand your concern, having access to those items with the starting TCP from level 4 and 5 means you can actually create characters that use suboptimal race/class combinations and require multiple high stats to work - but that comes at a quite high cost actually: These items need attunement, they cost TCP which then are not available to spend on a magic weapon or to save for a rare item at level 6, the affected stat can never be brought to 20, and multiclassing would still require the original stat to at least be a 13 in most cases.

On the other hand, single-stat dependant characters don’t need these items and would be mostly unaffected by that nerf, they still can have their main stat at 20 at level 4 and usable stats outside of that for roleplaying.

What about increasing the TCP costs instead or having the items set the respective stat to 17 rather than 19?

Also I think if we introduce a rule like this, it should be introduced for all tables, as a general rule, so that still every character can be used at every table of the right tier :wink:

I’m the DM just for one table and therefor i can’t decision for other. For me as a DM this creates overpowered characters and I don’t want to make encounters overpowered for just this. For higher Tier Character there is still option 2 and you can use them at other tables. The impact of the bost will be just lower on my table. Also you can always crate a new character even for a higher Tier. All character created following this rules are totally legal on every other VALUE table therefor I don’t see a big issue. Also i think this types of character are build artificial because choices are done because you know at creation you have access to the items.

So you really still wonder why the call you powergamer :wink:

At the end some things are stay the decision of the DM.


Since you are running the 4th part of Oracle of War, I will be at your table to complete the series :slight_smile:

@Resil sorry for switching table, but I can’t miss the chance to finishe the Oracle of War !

Would like to join the E.V.I.L table if not enough players can play t1/2/3

Quick Count

E.V.I.L. (T2/3)
DM Resil

Eberron (T1)
DM PatrickD

no table mentioned
joeder (DM if needed)
Semako +1

13 persons . Start as always 19.00 not as mentioned early in the post 14.00 - now corrected(sorry for confusion)

I’m actually gonna skip on today, I’m not feeling so great, so gonna sit this one out. Have fun tho!

Sorry guys, I can’t make it tonight