Starting new heroic fantasy group with a new RPG system

I’m looking to start up a new group for an under-development (but playable) fantasy RPG system.

This is for everyone who wants to go back to the original concept of a party of heroes roaming the land, saving the princess, exploring the dungeon and fighting the dragon. One inspiration for the setting is the “NPCs” series by Drew Hayes, so if you know and love them, you will greatly enjoy this game.

I’ll be running the game and am looking for 4-5 players for about bi-weekly game sessions. We’ll arrange a location once the group is found, maybe someone from the group can host (I could, but I live outside Vienna, so if everyone has a car or is happy to come by S-Bahn that is fine as well).

The game system is fairly quick to learn, a PDF rulesbook exists as well as the beginnings of an online atlas detailing the game world. I’ve designed and published RPG games before, and I’ve given speeches at RPG cons about game mechanics and dice probabilities, so I’m quite confident in what I’m producing, but you should expect that while the core rules are already stable, parts of the rules can change “under you” while I complete the game design.

I dont know the series but I do have a big interest in game design. Depending a bit on the schedule I would love to save some princesses :wink:
Would you be able to send me a link to some of your ressources to take a peak?

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I am currently revamping the magic system slightly, more details will come once that’s done.

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Hey! vanilla fantasy setting will always be the best!
This sounds interesting and if we can form a party I’d be more than happy to try it out.

I would also be interested. Me joining is probably mostly dependant whether i have enough time. So depending on when the group decides to play i might or might not be able to join

The concept of playing a game that is still in development and is probably gonna be influenced by our round sounds pretty sounds very intriguing to me.

If you still need players I’d like to join.

Brilliant, it seems we have a party.

I’ve made a Doodle here, please enter which dates/times would be good for you:

A 3-hour slot should be enough time to meet, learn to know each other a little bit, explain the basics of the system and maybe make characters or at least character ideas.

The setting and available choices are pretty regular, so you can come with a basic idea. There are humans, dwarves, elves and gnomes as playable races. Characters don’t have to follow strict classes, but there are warriors, priests, paladins, rogues, mages, etc.

I’ll explain everything. If you want to bring dice, you need a couple d10 and that’s it.

We also need a location. If someone can host I’d be happy as I’m not a big fan of playing in a cafe or such, but for the initial meeting that is not very important.

I would have the space but my wife said no😰

It will depend on the date we land on, but my wife might just say yes :wink:

You could invite your wife to join :slight_smile:

It seems 13th or 14th is going to be the date.

@BerndiSterndi - where would your location be? So everyone can check where to come and how long it’ll take them. About is enough, don’t have to post your address in a public forum.

Would be in the 14th district, close to Breitensee (S-Bahn)

Sadly I can not attend on any of the given dates since I am on holiday right now and will not be in Vienna until the 19th of August.
I am still very interested in joining the campaign though and would join the first session after s0.

Hope this isn’t an issue.

@Khaine not at all. You’re welcome to join. We’ll simply arrange that you come to the second session a bit earlier to make a character and get the basic rules explained. It would be good if you would either post what kind of character you’d like to play or are flexible and take what the group needs. Just to make sure we don’t end up with 3 mages and 0 fighters - or vice versa.

Thank you for your understanding.
I was thinking of playing a paladin or some form of religious warrior in the style of maybe Parzival and the Knights Templar. If there should be need I can go more caster like a priest or cleric as well. So more in the support direction if that’s what the party needs.

If the location (14th, near Breitensee Station) is ok with everyone, let’s say we pick the 13th.

@BerndiSterndi - can you send the address to everyone in PM?

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Will do so, but would it be an issue to meet up before?
Just like 5 min or so, I’d like to know the strangers I bring into my gouse - nothing personal :wink:
BR and see you Tuesday

damn it, this probably means I can’t bring my rodent taxidermy collection with me? :expressionless:

My wife loves rodents, so sure thing - bring em :wink:

Should we meet at the s bahn station? Also if i get held up at work i will say so as soon as possible