Starting new heroic fantasy group with a new RPG system

@BerndiSterndi - completely understand that. Suggest a cafe nearby and we’ll meet there, have introductions and if we’re all comfortable with each other and decide that we want to play together, we can walk over to make characters - or stay in the cafe. For the initial round it’s perfectly fine with me, just the actual game sessions I wouldn’t want to have in a public place.

So everyone mark the 13th in your calendars, 18:00 in a cafe somewhere near Breitensee Station.

And to make sure we don’t have a large gap afterwards, here’s a doodle for the next date, where we’ll dive into the first adventure:

Here’s the first few pages from the rule book. They contain a short introduction into the game and setting, and I recommend everyone reads it:

Since the game is still in development, I am always happy about any feedback and if something isn’t clear, please do ask so that I can check if it needs to be described more clearly.

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TomV how will the magic system work?
Will it be locked in one way or the other to races/classes?
How high/low fantasy should I imagine the world?
I would like to play a human with a connection to the noble houses, have you fleshed them out, pur can I just come with my own house so to say?

I would suggest to meet in Der Mann (Station Leyserstr - walking distance)
There are also other otions if someone dislikes my pick


  • The magic system has spells, but also an option (for higher mages) to create new spells. It has a twist that is unlike most other magic systems in that magic is prepared and stored instead of spontaneously cast. Mages are very strong if properly prepared, and weak if they run out of prepared spells or are caught unprepared. That balances them out with other classes.
  • Magic is not locked to races or classes, but to a specific talent that a character has to acquire during character creation if you want to use magic. It can also be acquired later in the game, but requires special circumstances, so if you want a magic user, make sure you get magic talent during character creation.
  • I should mention that the game doesn’t have a strict class system. Characters do not have to belong to a class. Instead, you can buy levels in classes (one or several) to gain their specific advantages. You can also decide not to do that and spend your XP on other things.
  • The world is fairly high-fantasy, but it varies from place to place. There are two realms where magic is so common that magical street lamps barely raise an eyebrow and flying ships while impressive don’t make people run for cover. But there are also realms where magic is more rare.
  • I have not yet written the entire history of the world with all its noble houses. But smaller houses are always free to be just invented. If you want to be high nobility (royalty or close to that), we have to discuss.
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I should also openly say that these are the exact two parts of the game that are not yet fully developed: The magic system and the background world. Both are sketched out in enough detail that I think we can start playing, but are not fully fleshed out and details might still change.

Just a heads up i dont own 5 d10 yet. Only 2😎

Not a problem, I’ll bring plenty of d10.

So see you all at 6pm tomorrow. I’ll probably be easy to recognize as I come straight from work, so it’ll be dark suit, white shirt.

The next date will be the 20th or the 22nd. Anyone not entered their availability yet?

so double checking for tomorrow 6pm: Der Mann, Hütteldorfer Str. 167

Righty right - see you at 6

Im there now do we want to sit outside or inside?

Thank you all so much for coming and for a very pleasurable evening.

Since we have 2 choices for next week, let’s make it the 20th and discuss a fixed weekday and how often we want to play together.

Also, can you send me your phone numbers by PM so I can invite everyone to a Telegram group?

If I haven’t added you to telegram yet, it didn’t work and I need your user handle or something, so I can search and add you.

I seem to have problems adding you guys on Telegram. Can you add me instead? Search for Tom Vogt.

Ive sent you an invite.
Let me know if you have gotten something

2 groups one were berni is missing the other is missing dusan. :joy:

Khaine is missing from both, I think.