Spielbar: Thursday 31/07/14. Open Gaming Night. 7pm

Greetings all!

I thought I’d start this thread for a discussion on the upcoming regular meetup this Thursday. I believe our honourable DM’s Simon and H won’t be able to make it, although captain pathfinder is indeed back from his Holiday in Croatia :wink: As far as I know, Thopthes has offered to step in and run a sci-fi type session for anyone who’s interested.

If anyone else is interested in running a game, please feel free to mention it!
Any suggestions?

Yep, if enough people wanna join I’d like to run a sci-fi game. Maybe more sci than fi*

*…no ogres, sorry. :smiley:

One of these years I’ll run a game called Sci-fee, Sci-fi, sci-fo, sci-fum … and it’ll be your fault.

Sorry I’ll be missing this one!

And I’ll gladly join your game of ‘sigh, fay’ :smiley:

Hey guys!
Me and my boyfriend would like to come to this game, it would be our first rpg and we’re really looking forward to it!
The only problem is that I caught a bit of a cold, but I hope that I will be on top of my shape again on Thursday. I will of course keep you up to date.

Sure! New recruits are always welcome! :slight_smile:

I’ll be there as well, and may bring a friend or two from my other group along as well.

If we need a second table (Tam, Gerd, Chylli or any number of other attendees may well bring us up to 8 or more), I can offer to run a second game if no one else volonteers. Maybe even something especially tailored to introducing new people to RPGing (but also fun for experienced players)

I’ll be back this week! Up for anything really!

Josip also wants to let you all know that he will run something in case we’re short of DM’s

I"ll be there as well.
Most probably

Hey I will be showing up and dragging along a friend too if that’s no problem.

I’ll be there as usual.

Sorry for the late post & thanks Neil for forwarding my message!
My flight was canceled yesterday, and I spent alot of reading at an airport (luckily I had a stack of Team7, Stormwatch and Authority comics (thanks to Buckwheats - great read!).
I arrived just now and wanted to inform you guys that I will indeed be DMing Numenera (if people want to play) for 4-6 players.

See you around 18/19 @Spielbar!

Aw curses, I really want to try that game. But alas I cannot attend today. :frowning:

Hey guys,
Just wanted to confirm that my bf and I will come today. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Wow, that’s new!
Confimations instead of apologies…

I’m omw now - so it won’t be 8 today! :wink:

On my way too! My spidey sense is tingling and tells me we won’t be sitting outside for long tonight!

We are on our way, but the bus takes longer than expected. I’m apologizing in advance for us being late!

Haha, thanks for tonight’s game, everyone! This one went way more hilarious and awesome than I ever even imagined it would :mrgreen:

Same from my side. I hope you had fun guys! I certainly did! :slight_smile: