@Spielbar AL Friday Rises Again!


And again, and again! As always, who is planning to come, and who will DM?
I would like to either play or try DMing a tier 2 adventure.


i will be there


As mentioned here, I’d like to DM a Tier 1 adventure :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d like to come again, friday was real fun, and yea I’m only tier 1.


A tier 2 adventure you say… awesome!
I’d join you. Are there enugh players for a tier 2 adventure?


There are 2 already, Just need 1 more


I can maybe come, but not sure my little lvl4 boy is ready for a tier 2 adventure…


You can cath up him to lvl 5


@Resil But that’s cheating my dude, I only reached lvl4 after our fun demon sesh last Friday! :open_mouth:


No, thats per rules. You can spend downtime to specifically level up from lvl4 to 5 from lvl 10 to 11 from 15 to 16, to change tiers of play if you lack a little progression CP.


Ooh I didn’t know that haha, sorry. Well in that case it’s time for me to learn some 3rd level spells!!


Just so that were clear, Im gonna start a hardcover - Dungeon of the Mad mage.


Hmm, are there enough players for a Tier 1 table as well?


I think we will.


Would be great, because I’d really like to get to use my DM kit and not just look at it lovingly :smile:


I will hopefully join


well I will be a tier 1 player


I might bring a+1 t1 guy.


I am going to join to. Should be lv.2.


Will ya come?