New player, interested in DMing

Hi everyone!

I’d like to try my hand at DMing a short adventure, and I’m looking for guidance. I never DMed before, so the ride will probably be a bit bumpy at first, but I figure we all have to start somewhere, right? I do have a solid grasp of the 5e rules (read the PHB multiple times :slight_smile:), and I’ve also read the AL DMG.

You guys have been very welcoming towards me as a player, but can I just come and DM an AL adventure on Fridays, or is that reserved for more experienced DMs?

No. Of course you can DM if you want. And ill be playing this friday, so ill help you there

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I won’t be in Vienna this Friday, I was thinking about next week. This way I have time to prepare an adventure :slightly_smiling_face:

Fine as well

more AL DMs are always welcome, as you stated we all have to start somewhere, just make sure that the adventure you plan to DM is AL legal and announce your willingness to DM in the thread for the date when you plan to do it :slight_smile:

if you’ve got any more questions before then, feel free to ask either here or in a pm

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Will do! About that, how can I make sure I don’t choose an adventure that has been run too recently by someone else?

basically? ask :smiley:

i’ve been running:

  • DDAL-07-01 - A City on the Edge
  • DDAL-07-03 - A Day at the Races
  • CCC-BLD-1-1 - Bleeding Gate - Pandemonium
  • CCC-BLD-1-2 - Bleeding Gate - Amalgamation
  • DDAL4-02 - The Beast

as well as the Hardcover Curse of Strahd

i still plan to run

  • CCC-BLD-1-3 - Bleeding Gate - Lineage

as for the others, i probably could write down some of the stuff they’ve run, but it be easier if they’d tell you
on the other hand it is not all that important, if there are 2 tables there usually will be enough people that haven’t played that specific adventure before

Great, thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

Hi @vic,
I started DMing at Adventure League myself and it was/is a lot of fun. I only started playing D&D in September, so technically I am very new to the game.
Usually you have a couple of experienced players at the table who are very friendly and willing to help (I love the AL community in Vienna :heart:). You can’t know every spell or every rule anyway…

Btw I ran:

  • DDAL5-01 - Treasure of the Broken Hoard
    (which proved to be a great first adventure to DM imo, although @Tersidian died)

You were at my table at least once, if I remember correctly :wink:

Here are some of the adventures @Toni did:

  • Secrets of Sokol Keep, DDEX1-02
  • Shadow over the Moonsea, DDEX1-03

And @SheVa did these (among others):

  • Cloaks and Shadows
  • The Scroll Thief

Btw if I am not mistaken both @Tersidian and myself won’t be there on the 14.12., so it would be great to have you as a DM!

Just go for it!

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Yes I was! I was the half-orc who got tied with rope and tried to mission-impossible the treasure from under the nose of a sleeping frost giant :smile:

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words! I’ll definitely take the plunge :slightly_smiling_face:

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