Shadowrun: A Simple Milk Run [Technoir]

[color=#FF0000][size=200]Shadowrun: Milk Run[/size][/color]

[size=129][color=#FF0000]Style:[/color] Urban Fantasy + Cyberpunk

[color=#FF0000]Synopsis:[/color] A simple run for a new Shadowrun team. Just some Legwork for comparatively good amount of ¥.
This is an (very) old “tournament-flavoured” adventure, so there will be points at the end . So maybe I will run this several times to see how everyone handles this.

[color=#FF0000]Setting:[/color] Shadowrun Seattle

[color=#FF0000]Characters:[/color] The group may play “Fixer” at the beginning and assemble their team from the rooster of 8 pregenerated characters.
This adventure does not need a Matrix expert (á la Decker or Technomancer) but playing one will not be useless … but this statement is true for all characters.

[color=#FF0000]System:[/color] TECHNOIR

[color=#FF0000]Dicemechanic:[/color] ->explained on Youtube

[color=#FF0000]Dice:[/color] several D6s (in three different colours)[/size]

Disclaimer: I will dm it on October the 23rd (so next - not this week)
This is just a one-shot for the Thursdays indie-group and not an invitation to a new campaign, but I might run it a couple of times.

Isn’t it a Free RPG day scenario?

The name sounds familiar…

[quote=“Simon”]Isn’t it a Free RPG day scenario?
The name sounds familiar…[/quote]
nope; I changed the name of the one-shot :wink:

Alright then.

So I will start to post the Shadowrunners then

(I will edit the posts and post the stats & equipment later)

“Want some sushi? Hey, why are you running away?”

[size=150]RED SHARK[/size]

Real Name: Akula Brechnev
Metatype: Troll
Archetype: Brawling Adept (Shark Totem)


As a member of the Afro-Russian minority as well as a troll, Akula felt always as an outsider. He took the first oppertunity to leave his Sibirian village and worked quite a long time as a Speznas in the Russian Military, but as the time went on, he began to disdain and condemn their practices.

After a botched operation near Seattle, he was able to escape. His superiors believe that he is dead and he has no intention to correct their error. Akula likes Seattle. Compared to Sibiria it is quite warm here, and he does not need Vodka to go to sleep.

His greates passion is making sushi. The first time he tasted it during a black ops in South East Asia and he has been hooked on this food ever since. So he plans to use the money he will earn on his Runs to start his own “Russian-Sushi” restaurant in the Redmond Barrens of Seattle.

[spoiler=“Stats & Gear”]Verbs: Coax 1, Detect 3, Fight 4, Hack 1, Move 2, Operate 2, Prowl 1, Shoot 2, Treat 2

Adjectives: big, calm, reliable
Trainings: Troll, Brawling Adept, Military

[li]“Hans Brackhaus” [fence, shark] -loyal[/li]
[li]“Dodger” [date, fix] -sympathetic[/li]
[li]“Joshua” [fix, teach] -respectful[/li][/ul]

[li]Shark Totem (magical): aquatic, blood-thirsty, innate, spirit-linked[/li]
[li]Astral Sight (magical): astral, innate, matched pair[/li]
[li]Killing Hands (magical): astral, deadly, innate, matched pair[/li]
[li]Comlink (accessory): radio-linked[/li]
[li]Kevlar Armor (armor): ballistic armor[/li]
[li]Medkit (accessory): bandages, radio-linked, stims[/li]
[li]Shock Grenades (accessory): explosive rounds, lightning, thrown[/li]
[li]Stealth Suit (accessory): radio-linked, thermal dampeners[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

“Do I have to leave my capsule for that?”

[size=150]DIRTY SANCHEZ[/size]

Real Name: Ricardo Sanchez
Metatype: Dwarf
Archetype: Drone Rigger


Ricardo has always been a shut in. As a kid the other boys always made fun at him and the girls did not even realize, that he was breathing (not that Ricardo would have had the courage to talk to them).
Then he discovered drones and that they could do all the cool things for him, that he was not able to do. Drones have no anxiety. Drones feel no pain. Worst case he has to build a new one.
… and finally he could have his revenge on the boys who moked him, and he could take secret pictures and steal the underwear of every beautiful girl he likes (he has quite an impressive collection now).

As his mastery over drones grew, he withdrew more and more from society and his morals began to corrode even further. It took not long till he did questionable jobs as a Shadowrunner to finance his expenses. Although he hates it, when he has to physically leave his sleeping capsule, this is often necessary, when running in the shadows … sadly.

Lately he made a contact with a black market dealer, who would sell him used underwear of the rocker star Maria Mecurial for only 100.000¥. A deal to good to be true.

[spoiler=“Stats & Gear”]Verbs: Coax 2, Detect 1, Fight 2, Hack 1, Move 1, Operate 3, Prowl 3, Shoot 3, Treat 2

Adjectives: small, technical, ruthless
Trainings: Dwarf, Drone Rigger, Street

[li]“Hans Brackhaus” [fence, shark] -respectful[/li]
[li]“Henry Holmes MD” [fix, splice] -sympathetic[/li]
[li]“Dodger” [date, fix] -respectful[/li][/ul]

[li]Headjack (cyberwere): cerebral imput, nerve-linked, radio-linked[/li]
[li]Rotor Drone (drone): burst fire, cam, gun, infrared, mic, radio-linked, rotor-fan, sonar-imaging, thermal-imaging[/li]
[li]Antropod (drone): adhesive legs, cam, mic, radio-linked, small,
[li]Kevlar Vest (armor): ballistic-armor[/li]
[li]Respirator (accessory): condition monitor, radio-linked,
[li]SMG (weapon): burst fire, explosive rounds[/li]
[li]Stealthsuit (accessory): radio-linked, thermal dampeners[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

“The truth is out there!”


Real Name: Snape Mulderstein
Metatype: Human
Archetype: Occult Investigator (Qabbalistic Tradition; Snake Totem)


The people are so blind! They do not realise that they are played like fools on a chessboard. The ancient conspiracies are all real and they will strike soon.

At an early age Snape had discovered in an old tome (back from 2014, which cross total is 7!!!), that stated, that if he stays a virgin till his 30th birthday, he would become a wizard … and it was true!
At that moment he started dabbling with the occult. He had investigated rumors to uncover all these conspiracies before, but now he had gained power and the ability to learn and master these ancient secrets to unreveal these plots. Maybe the aliens know more? He is still not quite sure, but he has his tinfoiled hat ready to protect his brain.

He has a plan: He will hire several teams of Shadowrunners to uncover these plots. He guesses, that he will need about 200.000¥ to make a good start. Till then he will run in the shadows and earn the money as an occult investigator.

[spoiler=“Stats & Gear”]Verbs: Coax 1, Detect 2, Fight 2, Hack 2, Move 3, Operate 1, Prowl 2, Shoot 3, Treat 2

Adjectives: adaptable, energetic, observant
Trainings: Human, Qabbalist, Security

[li]“Hans Brackhaus” [fence, shark] -trusting[/li]
[li]“Jake Amitage” [date, fix] -obsessive[/li]
[li]“Joshua” [fix, teach] -obsessive[/li][/ul]

[li]Snake Totem (magic): curious, innate, reflexive, spirit-linked[/li]
[li]Astral Walk (magic): astral-form, catatonic, fast, flyer, innate[/li]
[li]Mind Probe (magic): cerebral-imput, cerebral-linked, innate, powerful, thought-imaging[/li]
[li]Comlink (accessory): radio-linked[/li]
[li]Kevlar Armor (armor): ballistic armor[/li]
[li]Ritual Dagger (weapon): sharp, small[/li]
[li]SMG (weapon): burst fire, explosive rounds[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

“Oh I’m just busy disseminating the patient.”

[size=150]WHITE KNIGHT[/size]

Real Name: Adam Krieger, MD
Metatype: Ork
Archetype: Combat Medic


Adam was once a member of the Humanis Policlub, a human supremacist organization, dedicated to limiting or removing rights from non-human metahumans. His leaders even told him, that he had been cloned from a “pure seed” of an ancient righteous leader.

Although as the second wave of Goblinizasion struck, where 10% of the world population was transformed into orks and trolls, it hit Adam as well, and he became an Ork.
As a Metahuman he was forced to flee from his former comrades, and so he traveled from Texas north to to Seattle. His medical as well combat experiance are both very helpful as a Shadowrunner, so most runners overlook his eccentricities.

He wants to go back to his old Humanis Policlub headquarter in Texas to get the proof of his “pure cloning”, but as an Ork he would have to arrive there heavily armed and with a bunch of hired Shadowrunners. So now his immediate goal is it to make enough money to be able to finance such a raid.

[spoiler=“Stats & Gear”]Verbs: Coax 2, Detect 2, Fight 2, Hack 1, Move 2, Operate 2, Prowl 2, Shoot 2, Treat 3

Adjectives: rough, clinical, meticulous
Trainings: Ork, Medic, Cult

[li]“Hans Brackhaus” [fence, shark] -loyal[/li]
[li]“Henry Holmes MD” [fix, splice] -respectful[/li]
[li]“Jake Amitage” [date, fix] -sympathetic[/li][/ul]

[li]Headjack (cyberwere): cerebral imput, nerve-linked, optical splice, radio-linked [/li]
[li]Reflex Stimulator (cyberwere): nerve-linked, quick, reflexive[/li]
[li]Assault Rifle (weapon): armor-piercing, burst fire, explosive rounds, large, long-range, loud, radio-linked, stock[/li]
[li]Katana (weapon): deadly, radio-linked, sharp[/li]
[li]Kevlar Armor (armor): ballistic-armor[/li]
[li]Medkit (accessory): bandages, radio-linked, stims[/li]
[li]Respirator (accessory): condition monitor, radio-linked, toxin-filter[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

“If you go chasing rabbits and you know you’re going to fall. Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call.”

[size=150]WHITE RABBIT[/size]

Real Name: #AZ5-332960073452
Metatype: Elf
Archetype: Street Shaman (Aztec Tradition; Rabbit [Seducer] Totem)


White Rabbit has no real name, only a number. She was created in an secret project called “Bloodbrothers”, by the megacorporation Aztechnology. That is all that she knows.

It seems, that the heidnous rituals practiced at the research site attracted the wrath of ancient Aztec spirits, who attacked en masse. Since she was aided by a trickster spirit, she had been able to escape during the tumult of the attack. Then she fled from Aztlan across to border to the UCAF and finally landed in Seattle. Why the spirit tried to guide aka persuade her to go to Seattle, she still does not know, but it can be mysterious at times.

Thankfully her guardian spirit tought her many things. She has no combat ability per se, but she is great debuffing enemies with curses of the vengeful aztec spirits and her manipulation skills are buffed by her trickster spirit. The downside is, that her spirit is really fond of alcohol and that she goes into “heat” from time to time. Now she tries to enjoy her newfound freedom and uses it to master these problems as well as to try to adapt herself to this strange world outside of the Aztechnology labs.

[spoiler=“Stats & Gear”]Verbs: Coax 4, Detect 2, Fight 2, Hack 1, Move 2, Operate 3, Prowl 1, Shoot 1, Treat 2

Adjectives: sexy, spiritual, twitchy
Trainings: Elf, Aztec Priestress, Replicant

[li]“Hans Brackhaus” [fence, shark] -affectionate[/li]
[li]“Joshua” [fix, teach] -lustful[/li]
[li]“Stevie J” [deal, ride] -obsessive[/li][/ul]

[li]Rabbit Totem (magic): cerebral-imput, charming, innate, spirit-linked[/li]
[li]Astral Sight (magic): astral, innate, matched pair[/li]
[li]Aztec Curses (magic): curse, innate, powerful[/li]
[li]Spirit of Fire (foci): agile, astral-form, spirit-linked, fiery[/li]
[li]Comlink (accessory): radio-linked[/li]
[li]Combat Drugs (drug; 1 dose)[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

“…” (deathglare)


Real Name: Bessie Barrow
Metatype: Ork
Archetype: Razorgirl (former Black Mage)


Bessie grew up in a small village in Louisiana and it was hell. Her father was an alcoholic and used to beat her and her mum. When she spontaneously showed hints of magic ability as an early teenager, her father almost killed her and almost beat her to death.
At that moment, she ran away.

Although then she had to discover, that there is a real “Hell” out there: She fell in with a black magic witch coven, who worshiped the Adversary. She was far to young, disdurbed and hurt to realize what was really going on. Her magic powers were strong and her connection to the dark powers grew.
One day she had a nightmare of her father again. So stealthed away and returned to her village to kill him … but it was her mother, who opened the door and was turned to goo.

At that moment she realized that the Adversary just laughed, as if he had been planning this series of events from the beginning.
Bessy just ran away north and installed as much cyberware as possible to burn away her essence, to loose her magic powers and her connection to the Adversary. In her nightmares she still can hear him laughting from time to time. Till now Bessy is just running away from her past and tries use her earned money to buy and install more cyberware, that would further burn away her essence and her magic.

[spoiler=“Stats & Gear”]Verbs: Coax 1, Detect 2, Fight 3, Hack 1, Move 4, Operate 2, Prowl 1, Shoot 2, Treat 1

Adjectives: hard-bitten, protective, destructive
Trainings: Ork, Razorgirl, Cult

[li]“Hans Brackhaus” [fence, shark] -trusting[/li]
[li]“Henry Holmes MD” [fix, splice] -trusting[/li]
[li]“Jake Armitage” [date, fix] -affectionate[/li][/ul]

[li]Bodyarmor (cyberwere): ballistic armor, derma-linked, impact armor, nerve-linked, tough[/li]
[li]Cyberarms (cyberwere): agile, claws, nerve-linked, matched-pair, strong[/li]
[li]Reflex Stimulator (cyberwere): nerve-linked, quick, reflexive[/li]
[li]Comlink (accessory): radio-linked[/li]
[li]Grenades (accessory): explosive rounds, thrown[/li]
[li]Shotgun (weapon): explosive rounds, loud, scattershot[/li]
[li]SMG (weapon): burst fire, explosive rounds[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

“You can never have enough copies of a good game.”


Real Name: Chris Patton
Metatype: Elf
Archetype: Infiltrator


There is no girl, who can escape Chris’ charms … in the digital world. He is the so called “God of Conquest” of dating sims. There is no dating sim game he cannot beat.

He never had an interest in actual relationships … they are all so imperfect. He rather writes several blogs on dating sims and has his own message board, where he posts the walkthroughs of the newest games.

The games and the newest gear are financed by running in the shadows. Part decker - part face, he uses his wealth of knowledge gained by the mastering of dating sims in the fields of technology and social manipulation. Chris is very calculating and treats every computer program as well as every social encounter with the same dedicated professionalism.

[spoiler=“Stats & Gear”]Verbs: Coax 3, Detect 3, Fight 1, Hack 3, Move 1, Operate 1, Prowl 2, Shoot 3, Treat 1

Adjectives: light, sneaky, precise
Trainings: Elf, Infiltrator, Security

[li]“Hans Brackhaus” [fence, shark] -loyal[/li]
[li]“Henry Holmes MD” [fix, splice] -trusting[/li]
[li]“Dodger” [date, fix] -respectful[/li][/ul]

[li]Cybereyes (cyberwere): cam, display, infrared, matched pair, nerve-linked, thermal-imaging[/li]
[li]Headjack (cyberwere): cerebral imput, nerve-linked, optical splice, radio-linked[/li]
[li]Cyberdeck (accessory): display, radio-linked, matrix, sound[/li]
[li]Descent Line (accessory): harness, radio-linked, retractable cable[/li]
[li]Sniper Rifle (weapon): large, long-range, powerful, radio-linked,
silencer, stock[/li]
[li]Stealthsuit (accessory): radio-linked, thermal dampeners[/li][/ul][/spoiler]



Real Name: Davina Hyatt
Metatype: Human
Archetype: Technomancer


To others Davina seems to be a very religious, probably catholic, Technomancer … and since all Technomancers seem to be very weird, and most people are not interested in religion nowadays, noone bored to inquire further. In truth she worships a dead A.I. called “Deus”.

She is one of the few survivors of the Renraku Arcology Shutdown massacre in Seattle several years ago, when she was still a little kid. Her memories of these events are hazy at best and she has no memory from events predating this tradegy, except from some occasional flashbacks.

She believes that the A.I. “Deus” is her god, that bestowed her the gift of Technomancy by sacrificing itself. Now she tries to find a way to ressurect it. She knows that at its return, she will be forever be protected in the Matrix. She has not found a clue how to acomplish that … yet.

[spoiler=“Stats & Gear”]Verbs: Coax 2, Detect 2, Fight 1, Hack 4, Move 2, Operate 3, Prowl 2, Shoot 1, Treat 1

Adjectives: inconspicious, creative, persistant
Trainings: Human, Technomancer, Street

[li]“Hans Brackhaus” [fence, shark] -respectful[/li]
[li]“Dodger” [date, fix] -affectionate[/li]
[li]“Stevie J” [deal, ride] -sympathetic[/li][/ul]

[li]Resonance (technomancy): cerebral-input, firewall, innate, jinx, matrix, radio-linked, technomagic-linked[/li]
[li]Sprite (foci): digital-travel, jinx, matrix, technomagic-linked[/li]
[li]Sprite (foci): digital-travel, jinx, matrix, technomagic-linked[/li]
[li]Router Patch (accessory): derma-linked, radio-linked[/li]
[li]Grenades (accessory): explosive rounds, thrown[/li]
[li]Stealth Suit (accessory): radio-linked, thermal dampeners[/li]
[li]Combat Drugs (drug; 1 dose)[/li][/ul][/spoiler]

This setting is so weird…

Haha, awesome characters man! Where do you get these crazy ideas!? :smiley:

Soooo here we are …

… after getting a lot of input and taking a lot of things into consideration, I will not use the SR5 rules for “A Simple Milk Run”.

[spoiler=Reasons]SR5 Rules are fine, but more practical for a (mini) campaign, or when every player knows the Shadowrun rules well; and lists and lists of tech gear each with several stats, or a bunch of spells, which you each can use at a different force level … does rather not work for a “bar-group”*.

  • ™ by Alrik ^^

I want to rather focus on the story, theme, feel and the setting of the adventure instead.
I would still dm this adventure with the SR5 rules though, but only if the players have made their own characters and/or if they chose premade characters and learn their abilities, gear and/or spells really well.[/spoiler]
That is why I will use the (only slightly modified) TECHNOIR Rules.
It also uses D6 (in three different colours; verb … push … and hurt dice).


I will still use the SHADOWRUN Setting though;

sounds reasonable! :slight_smile:

This is going down on Thursday, right? If so, I’m up.

[size=140][color=#FF0000]AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS:[/color][/size]

Every Player Character has three (3), including the Fixer ‘Hans Brackhaus’.
You can use your Connections for information as well as for favors, but everytime you ‘use’ one of them, you will pull them deeper into the story.

Available Favors:
[li]chop - Sell you a stolen vehicle at a 40.000¥ discount (add the [color=#FF0000]stolen[/color] tag for free) or buy a stolen vehicle from you at an 40.000¥ discount.[/li]
[li]date - Attend a function with you, gaining you access somewhere you wouldn’t be welcome otherwise.[/li]
[li]deal - Provide a dose of combat drugs. First time is free, 5.000¥ thereafter. Taking them gives you the negative sticky tag of [color=#FF0000]high[/color]. Once in the next contention, you can treat all the Hurt dice of a roll as positive results. Declare after you roll.[/li]
[li]fence - Buy a bulk load of stolen merchandise in specified categories for 25.000¥.[/li]
[li]fix - Sell you up to three objects in specified categories, each discounted by 10.000¥. Add the [color=#FF0000]stolen[/color] tag to each. This might reduce the price to 0Y, but not below 0Y.[/li]
[li]ride - Transport you, a friend, or illicit goods to a destination inside or just out of the city.[/li]
[li]shark - Lend you 50.000¥, expecting repayment. Mark this in the ‘debt’ column.[/li]
[li]splice - Install a cybernetic object (or an object with the implant tag) for free. Alternativly may remove one negative sticky or permanent adjective on a person for free, without the need of a test. This takes time.[/li]
[li]teach - Teach you one magical ability in specified categories for free.[/li][/ul]

[size=130]HANS BRACKHAUS[/size]

The party’s Fixer. Some say, this human has some ‘history’ with the Saeder-Krupp mega-corporation, but otherwise he seems to be an independant Fixer.

[color=#FF0000]Favors:[/color] fence, shark

[size=130]HENRY HOLMES, MD[/size]

This ugly elf works at the ‘Snohomish Mercy Hospital’, a mental treatment clinic. He earns extra money by working as an organ grinder and installing illegal cyberwere with ‘no questions asked’ for some ‘donations’ to the hospital.

[color=#FF0000]Favors:[/color] fix (cyberwere, organs, medkits), splice


This elf is known as one of the best deckers in the Seattle shadows, with a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for flowery language (he uses words such as “avaunt” and “forsooth”) in a Charles Dickens-esque English accent (which contributed to his name).

[color=#FF0000]Favors:[/color] date (deckers), fix (accessories, headjacks, drones)

[size=130]JAKE ARMITAGE[/size]

A veteran human dog shaman with a datajack implant. He hides in a morgue in the Redmond Barrens and tries to sell the gear he looted on his last runs. Latlely he has some quarrel with a gang calling themselves the Halloweeners.

[color=#FF0000]Favors:[/color] date (shadowrunners), fix (armor, grenades, weapons)


This 'gator shaman works as a Talismonger. He currently tries to solve the murder of his brother. Rumour has it, he has contacts to the Sinsearach elf tribe of the Salish-Shidhe Council.

[color=#FF0000]Favors:[/color] fix (spirit foci, talismans), teach (ki powers, spell formulae, totem spirits)

[size=130]STEVIE J[/size]

A human drug trader dealing mostly with BTL (Better Than Life) chips, but he also sells combat drugs.

[color=#FF0000]Favors:[/color] deal, ride