Shadowrun: A Simple Milk Run [Technoir]

So … I posted all stats for all the premade player characters
as well as the list of their connections (the first one is their Fixer)

for those, who are interested:

the “Technoir Player’s Guide” is downloadable (legal & free) from the Technoir RPG Homepage
(16 pages ~213KB)


Looks like a pretty lovely system - looking forward to try it! :slight_smile:

Not sure I’ll ever get the hang of “asserting adjectives on targets,” but still very much looking forward to the game!

Harlequin and Dunkelzahn? Ruh-roh!

The first Shadowrun Team did pretty well :smiling_imp:

The team was: [ul]
[li]Conquest (KauraKuitu)[/li]
[li]Dirty Sanchez (Chylli)[/li]
[li]Infamy (Auburney)[/li]
[li]Snake (-H-)[/li]
[li]White Rabbit (Alrik)[/li][/ul]

thanks for playing :mrgreen:

thanks for running! :mrgreen:

the thing with the adjectives in combat turned out a bit wonky (as expected tbh), but that’s probably just a matter of getting used to it…

Otherwise, cool run! I’d really love this as a short campaign.