Semako's V.A.L.U.E. Item Trade Offerings

I have some items I do not need, and with the possiblity of item trades in mind, I decided to go ahead and create this topic where I will list items I can trade away and what items I am looking for :slight_smile:

Character: Artano (Fighter/Chronurgy Wizard)
Items he offers:

  • Bag of Tricks (Tan)
  • Trident of Fish Command
  • Cloak of Elvenkind
  • Glaive +1
  • (Ring of Temporal Salvation)

Items he is looking for:

  • Arcane Grimoire +1 or other magical spellbooks for wizards
  • A magic glaive or halberd that is more interesting than a generic glaive +2
  • Cloak or Ring of Protection
  • Amulet of Health or Headband of Intellect
  • Boots of Speed

Just as reminder for a trade the items traded must have the same rarity, so it would be good to add rarity or even better tiers because Amulet of Health and Headband of intellect are now T2 (=rare). Any item giving a +2 would even be T3.

“Whenever your character trades a magic item, both characters involved have to spend 5 Downtime Days each. Trading permanent magic items with other characters is on a one-for-one basis of equivalent rarity. You can only trade with the characters of other players. Unique magic items may not be traded.”

Also it costs 5 downtime days.
Good luck to find somebody.

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