Second D&D campaign!

Hello people…

After some discussion, we decided that it would be best to start a second D&D5 campaign… The first party was pretty full already… Plus, that way newcomers can join in from the ground floor as it is…

Bianca will be in charge of DMing duties on this one, and I’ll get to enjoy the other side of the DM screen…

Let’s get this baby on the road!

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Would it be a weekly game? And what day do you have in mind?

First of all: Thanks for opening the thread, Simon!

As for the managing of dates/days, I would probably start a doodle - like with the other d&d campaign - and keep no strict day of the week. Rather plan each game night separately, so most people could be able to join and enjoy the game. I guess we could make it a week-ish game, but I would rather prefer a game every two weeks. I’m still a newborn-DM and would like some time in betweens to prepare :innocent:

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Parsley thx for invitation, I want to say that I am working in two shifts(06:00-14:40 and 13:30-22:00), just to know all… also I’m new here( in this d&d world and playing).I am watching on youtube different gameplay and i think i will learn very fast…
If you have 1 place free for me and nerves for new guy in this game, I will glad start with you…


Rather plan each game night separately, so most people could be able to join and enjoy the game. I guess we could make it a week-ish game, but I would rather prefer a game every two weeks.

That sounds great, I’d like to join you guys as well.

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'lo again Tom!

Hello Kvothe! Welcome to the forum/D&D and stuff. I am sure you’ll learn the game in no time at all…
Have you been watching acquisition incorporated? Just for the meta factor…

Thx mate,
A litle bit of that, right now I am watching "Critical Role ( Geek & Sundry ), Fated Worlds "Burning Wind( Burning Wheel system )…

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I was asking because Patrick Rothfuss is a member of AI…

I am watching Path on twitch, "burning wind ( they play a game like “the name of the wind” :slight_smile: ), i can’t achieve everything :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m new in the forum, and if there’s an open spot i’d love to join.
I’ve been playing (and dm’ing) d&d 5e for about a year now, but i’ve been playing p&p for quite some time longer (started nearly 2 decades ago with The Dark Eye, and some WoD/NWoD during the last ~12 years)
I have not gamed much in english so far, but at least i tend to write my stories (background for characters mostly) in english :smile:

my name is Marcel and i’m a 33 year old software engineer, in case anybody cares about that


Greetings Marcel :slight_smile:

You’re the first one here :stuck_out_tongue::grin:

Well, it seems like we have a good party assembled already!

I have absolutely no problems with Beginners, Kvothe. As a matter of fact, I only started playing around february this year and this will be the second time I start to DM Mines of Phandelver already - I believe you will get the hang of it very quickly! :smiley:

And hi to you too, Tersidian!

Concerning character creation for this campaign: Should I bring a few generated choices or will you rather be creating your own characters? Maybe we could even get the old character foundry running again…

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I will probably prepare my character based on the party composition to try and answer any gap…

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I was planning on doing the same.


I will try to prepare my character :slight_smile: I am reading right now, how does it works…

Another beginner here interested :slight_smile:

Should we have our characters prepared beforehand!? :hushed:


@Parsley I’d gladly take one of those generated ones for my first run! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Bianca is the boss, but we could always have a “session 0” to discuss our various ideas and maybe prepare the characters together. That way the more experienced players can help the less experienced ones…

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Kvote, any general idea (in terms of race and class or role/archetype?)
Kvote? I’d say he’d be an alchemist with high charisma and the performer background. Maybe some multiclassing in rogue…

A session zero sounds like a great idea actually. Especially for the complete newbies, as you mentioned, Simon…

And welcome to you too, @agnosias91!

Maybe we could get rolling with a session zero as soon as next week? This week my schedule is killing me already, sadly.

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