Searching for DnD Group


Me and my friend are relatively new to DnD. We’ve tryed to play a few advantures at home, but we struggle to get the game going. We would love to learn how to play correctly and maybe find a group which is willing to take us newbies in. We are both 20 years old and would enjoy to get to know some new people. :slight_smile:


We have open game night every thusday at Spielbar. We play oneshots there (sometimes DnD but also other sytems). This is a good place to meet people and potentially form a group.


hello @SuWe, I have planned a DnD 5e adventure for next week thursday, perhaps you would like to join? :blush: it will also be my first time at Spielbar.


Ok Great!! We’ll be there. If you see a tall girl with blue hair -> that’s me!!


great :grin: I’m a short girl with brown hair. You will recognise me because I will be yelling “Who wants to play DnD?!?!” lol. seeya next week!


awesome ^^

I could dm a roman-themed dungeoncrawl using the D&D5 rules next week
but also I would be happy to join a table


SuWe, I would be more than willing to play with your group. Im not most adept player when it comes to DnD but i used to be dnd in some cases.


Great! I’m really looking forward to it. I guess we’ll figure it out!