Thursday the 28th of June


Hello adventurers!

So who is planning on making it to Spielbar on Thursday?

I might run a D&D5 one shot…

Searching for DnD Group

I will be there and I would love to play some D&D (although it would only be my second time ever)


No worries about that!


Yes, I’ll be there :raised_hands:


I should be able to make it this time.

Unless professor pulls a dirty one and gives us a case study between the crash courses on Thursday and Friday…


I will most probably be there :wink:


Hi, im kinda new to DnD and new to this Forum. I would like to join if its ok


Of course!


Hi, I should be able to make it. New to Thursday Spielbar, but I’ve been meaning to go for a while now…


I will be there as well.


Last night was a really nice adventure! How did the party do in the end?


Mostly OK with one notable exception.


Did you die Simon?:roll_eyes:


Were you playing?

Then no.


(I was DMing…)


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