Searching for a D&D 5e Group


I would say somewhere in the area of Rathaus


Around Rathaus huh?
The nearest Coffee place I know of in the 1st district would be cafƩ Reindl

Its directly next to the university.

I would have said any Starbucks on the Mariahilfer StraƟe or LandstraƟe myself^^

What do you guys want?


Yeah Mariahilfer StraƟe is ok too.


Just give me a time and place, but i wont have too much time gor guys with all my xmas stuff coming up


I get out of school at like 13:20
I could be at Mariahilfer at 13:40
From 13:40 to 23:00 i could be at Mariahilfer(=


I can be there about 13:45 but from 16:30 to 18:00 i will be needed in my Scout Group so i have time before or later

MariahilferstraƟe ist a good Location for me


The earliest I could make would be around 14:20 maybe a little earlier. I would suggest the Starbucks in Neubaugasse; its the biggest as far as I know and we shouldnā€™t have a problem finding a big enough table for all of us.
To easily identify at least me I shall put a players handbook in a prominent position.
I will have charsheets with me should we get that far with everything^^

Also I will send you guys my cellnumber that if something comes up you wont need the www.


Yeah then it is settled (i hope)


Ill be there around 14:30 then


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