Searching for a D&D 5e Group


New to D&D 5e. Need to get experience


I will give you your first quest then, that should earn you some experience points.

Go through the last 30-40 threads or so and I’m sure you’ll find one or the other person looking for others to play 5e with. :wink:


hi i am also new to D&D and serching for a group in Vienna or Mödling


Nice, do you have the players handbook or the starter set?


only the player handbook (german version) and a small dice set


i have the Starter set, two 7 dice sets, 1 6 dice set and two additional d20
(I also have some Pathfinder stuff.)


Could you be the DM?


actually i have no idea of the game

so probaply if i know it a bit better (like the minimum basics) but not at the monent


The big question should be when and how often you guys want to play or to better say it, when do you have time^^


i would say every second week?
But we don´t have a DM.


Every second week Sounds good

I have free time in Soundsystem or fridays in the evening


Friday sounds good (=


So that means we need a DM and about one or two more players rigth?


I mean, 2 Player are fine too, but i think 3-4 Players are better.
And yeah, that would be perfect (=


I will talk with my fiancé if I am allowed another group…

Cant help but want to gm for some new guys XD


That would be so cool (=


Hi Guys, I’m looking for a new group as well :slight_smile: complete beginner, never played D&D before. Mind if I join?


Yeah, no problem


Friday every second week is also fine to me, but it would probably be wise to start after new years


yeah, you are right