Searching for a D&D 5e Group

New to D&D 5e. Need to get experience

I will give you your first quest then, that should earn you some experience points.

Go through the last 30-40 threads or so and I’m sure you’ll find one or the other person looking for others to play 5e with. :wink:


hi i am also new to D&D and serching for a group in Vienna or Mödling

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Nice, do you have the players handbook or the starter set?

only the player handbook (german version) and a small dice set

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i have the Starter set, two 7 dice sets, 1 6 dice set and two additional d20
(I also have some Pathfinder stuff.)

Could you be the DM?

actually i have no idea of the game

so probaply if i know it a bit better (like the minimum basics) but not at the monent

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The big question should be when and how often you guys want to play or to better say it, when do you have time^^

i would say every second week?
But we don´t have a DM.

Every second week Sounds good

I have free time in Soundsystem or fridays in the evening

Friday sounds good (=

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So that means we need a DM and about one or two more players rigth?

I mean, 2 Player are fine too, but i think 3-4 Players are better.
And yeah, that would be perfect (=

I will talk with my fiancé if I am allowed another group…

Cant help but want to gm for some new guys XD

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That would be so cool (=

Hi Guys, I’m looking for a new group as well :slight_smile: complete beginner, never played D&D before. Mind if I join?

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Yeah, no problem

Friday every second week is also fine to me, but it would probably be wise to start after new years

yeah, you are right