Searching for a D&D 5e Group


‘Not before second week of January 2018’ is what I meant by that. Of course we still need to find a DM, discuss location etc. before we can think about starting anyway. Do you want to play in German or English? I’d prefer the latter, but I’m fine with German as well


why do you prefer english?


I would be problematic because Otschi said he is not very good in english.


I would GM
I could host.

Just have to talk it out with my fiancé.

Since probably all Players are native german speakers it shouldn’t be that big of a Problem. What I can tell you is in whatever language we play I will use Denglish in both cases. I also will give out Items and other Loot or “campaign” relevant stuff in English since its easier for me and my English books.


Hi Aegnor basicly cool to have another Player.

Generally my english is good enougth for asking people for Help or for the way in Reallife, but i think i would Not bei able to understand komplex Rules or description in english.

So Denglisch ist no problem and some parts of english but playing complete in english or understanding the Players handbook in EN Version ist Impossible to meine.


I just prefer to consume the things I read, watch and play in the language they were conceived in(given that I am able to understand that language sufficiently). But as I said, German is fine as well


Bazhell has the best Denglisch you will ever encounter - his synonyms for ‘rowboat’ are legendary! :smile:


Hi, I would like to join if you let me :wink:
Native german as well, you said friday starting somewhat in jan.2018 - right?


Yeah, now we have a perfect Group(=


So we can start in jänner




when the gm is ready


Good luck guys!


Thanks (=




But one question remains.
Where do we play?


I talked it out with my fiancé; this campaign is a go.

For “session zero” I would suggest starbucks or any other coffeeplace. How does this sound for you guys?

The next big question is do you guys want a published adventure or something fully new?

The Rest we can plan and or decide when we meet for the first time^^


Actually we don’t know the published adventures so this ist a hard question.

Meet at a coffeeplace Sounds good.


@Otschi; @DrZucker; @BerndiSterndi; @Aegnor;

Lets try this then^^
Do you guys wanna meet this Friday?
We can get to know each other and talk about all the nerd stuff^^


yeah why not (=
where should we meet up?

To your other question, you should decide. You are the DM.