Rewards for last session of Adventurers League (21st of September)

Hello guys,

So, last Friday, I ran a game for the Adventurers League. Because it was an unplanned surprise and because I am not yet familiar with the rules changes for the current season of AL, I wasn’t certain what rewards to give…

TLDR version: You earned 4 Advancement points
4 Treasure points
10 Days of downtime
1 Renown

In more details: based on these guidelines, you earn one Experience/Advancement Checkpoint for each hour of the adventure’s projected playing time:

And based on this PDF,
Adventurers League Content Catalog v7.05.pdf (2.0 MB)

The adventure was supposed to run 4 hours. So that gives you 4 Advancement points. Enough to reach level 2.

In term of treasure, it is the same than Advancement points, apparently (so, not like Xanathar’s guide, contrary to what is written).
So, you guys receive 4 Treasure points.

Also, you gain gold whenever you level up, which you did… Have 75 gold my dudes.

Finally, based on the DM logsheet (it is not on the players’ logsheet, because of reasons, or anywhere else, really, not in the official page I linked, not in XGtE…), you earned 10 days of downtime

Here are a few more documents:
The player logsheet:
Player_Logsheet_Season_8_v2b.pdf (500.3 KB)

And here is the player logsheet. I made it a form and pre-filled it with the info. from friday’s session, for your convenience:
Player_Logsheet_Season_8 Prefilled.pdf (529.3 KB)

Anyway, that’s my understanding. This thing is surprisingly unclear with information scattered around rather than just have a couple of simple tables on their instruction webpage…

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Hi Simon,

Thank you once again for a great, spur of the moment campaign, and for tallying up our rewards.
Hope to be around again for more awesomeness.

Brawn (Bron) the Fighter

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