Return of the "Thursday Night" open table rpg sessions


Just recently I have discussed with some forum members, how we miss the old “open table” sessions (which were usually held at Spielbar on Thursday nights), where usually we played a lot of different role-playing games, from funny or weird one-shots (like “Everyone is John”) and play-testing ideas to murder mysteries, Call of Chutulu, Traveler and a lot of other games and anybody could join (whenever one has time) without any preliminary knowledge/preparations and have fun. We all love D’n’D, but we are missing the place/forum/possibility to give it a try to other games.

What do you think about this? Are you interested? If yes, would you prefer to play in person or rather online? Thursday would be a fitting slot for this or maybe other time would be more preferable?


Sounds interesting to me. Currently, live sessions would work, but would probably turn online in autumn. I would love to have another great experience with a fate core cyberpunk one-shot and would also be willing to DM though I’m a first-timer.

I would be in :slight_smile:
(I also concur, that it seems likely that Autumn turn more lockdownish again)

  • I am finalizing a Star Trek - Klingon 3 Shot … or wej bach :sunglasses:
  • and I am also working on a WoD Mage Oneshot (needs more love)

Thursdays would work … other days not so much
… so I would prefere if we keep the old slot :wink: :sunglasses:

I would be also interested from time to time but can’t join before 19.00

I am definitely in too, and yes I also prefer Thursdays.
Both live sessions as well as online are :+1:
I am a beginner Keeper and would love to run CoC one shots every once in a while.

Would definitely join from time to time but do prefere in person.
Thursday sounds good

Wait, we stopped playing?

But yeah, I agree, we should get Thursdays rocking again. I think we haven’t had a classic-style open table since the Nixon game, and that was a pretty small table.

Let’s do this!

I’d also love to meet in person, but given where we are today, hanging out in a bar doesn’t seem particularly wise. Perhaps we could grab some picknick blankets and meet in a park on a weekend or a warm Tursday evening?


Thank you for your responses and your interest!

Just to conclude your points:

  • We try to start in person (taking H’s suggestion, maybe somewhere outside) and as the weather/infections turn worse, we move to online
  • Thursday games remain at Thursday
  • Most of the time, we will start earliest at 19:00
  • You have a lot of game ideas to give it a try and we are open to join!

We will post the next event soon(ish), stay tuned!