Queen Mary I of England's 500th Birthday, 7pm, Spielbar

Who’s coming? Who has something fantastic to run?

I’ll be there this time!
Had a couple things to do last time, but I’m free this time around.

(Btw, Deadpool’s coming out on thursday too… hype, anyone??)

I’ll be there, and should have something ready to run by then. Superhero-themed, incidentally, though nothing to do with Deadpool…

Too bad. Saw the movie this weekend and I’m totally hyped. <3

However, no major rituals ahead so I should be able to finally join in again.

See you there :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I will not make it this week after all, which I am especially disappointed about since hearing there’s a supers game!

I should make it :slight_smile:

Love your new avatar Flora <3

I intend to come as well, hope I can make it. 50/50 :s

I’ll be there too!

@Simon I can bring my surplus Star Wars stamps wanna do some trading?

I’d be up for that. Still missing a couple …

I’ll try to be there by 7, should be able to handle six players.

If there is still room for one more I’d love to join tonight as well! :slight_smile:

I’m sure we can make room - it’s more story-based than dice-based anyway.

Looks like we’ll need that room. Forced 1-table game tonight.

Can’t make it after all, sry guys and girl/s. :slight_smile:

Countermand: I came back home about an hour ago after a 14 hour turn at work. i think i’m actually typing in my sleep.
So I don’t think I’ll be able to come over at the SpielBar tonight… Been missing a lot, kinda sucks…
( ° ^°)

Edit: giant smiley was off, had to adjust the spaces.

Next time, we’ll set the whole thing in Moscow and have a henchman called Plothook who teleports people to where the action is - in Soviet Russia, plot finds you! :laughing:

I really think we should go explore the Baikal lake just in case. I mean … we already have the scuba gear :wink: