Pre-Christmas AL Friday @ Spielbar

Last Friday before christmas, let’s see if we can’t get another AL session in :slight_smile:

I’ll bring CoS (T1+2 adventure, please read the summary posted in this thread )
i’ll be there at around 18:00 in case anybody needs help with creating/advancing a character, i’ll also have a couple of pregens on me
if there are enough people willing to dm i’ll also bring my level 5 enchanter wizard and a level 1 (probably monk) along

please announce whether you plan on coming and if you plan on playing or dming

Ill come. Maybe Ill continue the Dungeon of the mad mage. Ooor ill come back to my Wizard

I’d like to DM again. There’s this really cute Christmas-themed adventure that I’d like to run, but it’s not AL legal, so I’ll try to prepare something that is :slight_smile:

I’ll be there, my character is lvl 2 now :innocent::innocent:

i will be there as a player

Hello there!
I just found this community here and while I’ve heard of these AL sessions I didn’t expect them to be in Vienna as well.
So, I’d like to join as a player. Since I’ve got the 5e book, I might create my own character (heeding the AL guide) - and possibly show up early enough to clear any doubts.

The Spielbar is the one in the 8th district, right? Any secret handshake via which to identify? :slight_smile:

yes Spielbar is the one in the 8th district. The handshake is so secret nobody but the legendary @Neil knows it! Just ask around we are hard to miss (and usually are situated as far in the back as possible)


I think we can relax the handshake requirements for this week while dertseha settles in.
Handshake rules will be in full effect from next week onwards (with added complexity) :+1:

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Phew - though, my mind wanders and connects your name and an elaborate handshake with that: - which I probably can’t match :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s pretty close! Just make sure that each one of those arms is doing this. -

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About creating an own character for this AL game:

  • I’ve never played in Ravenloft and I hardly know anything about it. I’ve skimmed over the info thread and it seems like a roller coaster of little horror stories.
  • I’ve never been to an AL round
  • I have read the official AL guide

-> Is there anything wrong to create for the particular campaign? Or is the very idea of AL (level 1) to have some random mixture of things to be tried out? :slight_smile:

Most of all what suits your fancy, though there is less focus on characters in AL so it would be less important to center a character around a campaign.

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Also it’s not guaranteed that we continue Curse of Strahd tomorrow as there are 3 dms willing to dm and it looks like we only will be 6 people in total, so only 1 will dm :smiley:

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Hi I am completely new to AL and this community, but i have played a little bit of 5e. Can’t come earlier then 19:30 but would it still be okay if I join you ?

Yup, totally ok

That’s awesome^^
What stuff do I need to bring ?

you don’t have to bring anything, dice won’t hurt as well as a pencil, but if needed there will be enough of everything available
for character you can either create one of your own (according to AL rules, which can be found in the ALPG, for a downloadlink visit the official AL site ) or take one of the pregens i’ll have on hand, besides that the only thing you’ll really need is money to pay for what you consume @ spielbar as they only take hard cash, no cards :smiley:

Thanks cannot wait :blush:

I’ll be there as a player - happy to continue CoS or DotMM or whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m planing on coming by, but I’m not 100% sure yet… (player that is)

But i’d also be interested in listening in while someone else dms, as I’ve been planning on running AL for a while, but I still have to learn a lot.