Pre-Christmas AL Friday @ Spielbar



alright, looks like we’ll have 2 games going after all, 9 sign ups so far, 3 of those potential dms :slight_smile:


Hi all, I’d like to join as a player as well.


Hey guys, I’d like to join you tonight for my first time playing AL. will try to bethere at 18:30


I will try to join as a player


I’ll be there shortly after 7 :slight_smile:


I’ll be a little late sorry


Hey man, still coming?


Yeah I’m really sorry coming from outside Vienna gonna be there in 10 min


End-year Social necessities and last minute shopping unfortunately kept me busy longer than expected… sorry I can’t be there, I wish you guys a fun evening!


sorry man helping a friend with his tech issues took longer than I thought


Thank you all for my first AL experience :slight_smile:
And Victor performed a proper postmortem pirate peaches parrot parody. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank yall for a good session. Sometimes, running away is a option eh?)


well we almost managed to take on those buggers :stuck_out_tongue: (obviously because you were being nice, while we were being spiteful :smiley: )


Yes, thank you @Resil for a fun session with your very cute grandma. I hope she enjoyed it!) thanks for narrowly avoiding my death


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